How much does it cost to be in Delta Sigma Pi?


How much does it cost to be in Delta Sigma Pi?

Sigma Pi requires annual dues from each chapter. These dues are equal to $530 per member annually, which breaks down to $265 per member in fall and spring semesters.

Is Delta Sigma Pi selective?

Delta Sigma Pi is a selective organization. As such, there are several basic requirements that all of our potential candidates must meet before being able to be considered for a bid.

Can Grad students join Delta Sigma Pi?

Graduate students are not eligible. 2. Possess a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher.

Is Delta Sigma Pi Good?

Recognized as America’s best business fraternity, Delta Sigma Pi attracts members from all backgrounds and walks of life. As America’s first co-ed professional business fraternity, Delta Sigma Pi takes our commitment to diversity seriously.

Does Delta Sigma Pi have dues?

Student members pay national dues every fall and spring term. Regardless of your credit hours or level of participation, national dues must be paid within the first 30 days of each term. Most chapters also have local dues.

Why do you want to join Delta Sigma Pi?

When you join Delta Sigma Pi, you just get more. Build a network. Have a great time and build lifelong friendships with other business students who challenge you, support you, and encourage you in your studies, your career, and throughout your life. In today’s economy, your network is your lifeline.

Why do I want to join DSP?

Creating a Long-Lasting Positive Experience Working as a DSP provides you the opportunity to meet individuals from all walks of life. You are able to be a part of an individual’s milestones and assist in exposing them to new personal growth opportunities that helps build their ideal life.

What majors can join Delta Sigma Pi?

Does Delta Sigma Pi take only Business Majors? Delta Sigma Pi does not only take Business majors. We accept pre-business students, College of Arts and Science Economics majors, and Engineering Management majors.

Is Delta Sigma Pi a real fraternity?

Delta Sigma Pi (ΔΣΠ) (officially the International Fraternity of Delta Sigma Pi, Inc.) is a coeducational professional business fraternity and one of the largest in the United States.