How much does an average blue tongue skink cost?


How much does an average blue tongue skink cost?

Northern blue-tongued skinks range in price from $150 for babies to $250 for adults. High-colored or rarer forms may cost more. Rare blue-tongued skinks such as Centralian and shingle backs may cost between $1,500 and $5,000 each.

How much does a blue tongue skink tank cost?

List of Blue Tongue Skinks Care Supplies and Costs

Tank $100-$500
Reptile humidifier $50
Bedding/substrate $30
Moss $15
Food dish $5

Is breeding blue tongue skinks hard?

Breeding blue tongue skinks is not very easy, but not too hard either. This is because you must wait for your female to mature and be healthy, and the male to reach sexual maturity, to start breeding them.

At what age can blue-tongues breed?

Breeding. Blue-tongued Skinks can attain breeding age within 12 months (although more commonly at 18months to 2 years of age.)

Can you cross breed blue tongue skinks?

Plainly put, we are against the cross breeding of any blue tongue skink. Crossing the species does nothing except put hybrids out onto the market, and there is absolutely NO POINT. People who breed hybrids and sell them, or even give them away have absolutely no control over where they end up in the long run.

How much do pink tongue skinks cost?

between $250 and $300
A Pink-Tongued Skink usually costs between $250 and $300. While this is a little expensive, they are a larger lizard and have a longer lifespan, which helps offset the cost.

Which lizard is the best pet?

Leopard geckos are one of the best lizards to keep, as they are fairly easy to handle and don’t often bite. Geckos are a little smaller than other pet reptiles, but they come in many varieties. The leopard gecko, for example, is one of the most popular options.