How many seasons was Brigid Brannagh in Army Wives?


How many seasons was Brigid Brannagh in Army Wives?

six seasons
In 2007, she landed a role in the Lifetime series Army Wives, in which she portrayed Pamela Moran for six seasons until Spring 2012. She starred in Hallmark movie Crush on You, which aired in June 2011 and in independent movie Not That Funny.

What is Brigid Brannagh in?

Actress Brigid Brannagh racked up dozens of TV movie credits and hit show guest spots, but also enjoyed recurring roles on “True Colors” (Fox, 1990-92), “Army Wives” (Lifetime, 2007-2013) and “Runaways” (Hulu, 2017-) and leading parts in “The Fair” (1999) and “They’re Watching” (2016).

Who played Tammy Felton?

Brigid Brannagh
“CSI: Crime Scene Investigation” Face Lift (TV Episode 2001) – Brigid Brannagh as Tammy Felton, Melissa Marlowe – IMDb.

Who played tuatha on Charmed?

“Charmed” That Old Black Magic (TV Episode 1999) – Brigid Brannagh as Tuatha – IMDb.

Who was the red head in Army Wives?

Brigid Brannagh | Army wives, American wives, Celebrities female.

Why did Pamela leave Army Wives?

This comes to a high when she asks him to quit Delta Force because he always prioritizes his career over their family. Since he refuses, they divorce in the fourth season. This causes her to move away from the post and she returns to her original occupation as a police officer to provide for her children.

Is Brigid Brannagh married?

Justin LyonsBrigid Brannagh / Spouse

Was Brigid Brannagh in criminal minds?

“Criminal Minds” Hope (TV Episode 2011) – Brigid Brannagh as Monica Kingston – IMDb.

Who played Ruby in enterprise?

“Star Trek: Enterprise” First Flight (TV Episode 2003) – Brigid Brannagh as Ruby – IMDb.

Who is Brigid Brannagh married to?

When was Army Wives filmed?

The series began filming in Charleston in 2006. It has been filmed at the old Charleston Naval Base in North Charleston, as well as at Charleston Field on Poston Road, Boone Hall Plantation and throughout North Charleston and downtown Charleston.

Did Army Wives have a series finale?

LOS ANGELES, CA (February 12, 2014) – After seven tours of duty, Lifetime celebrates the legacy of its longest-running series with the two-hour special, Army Wives: A Final Salute, premiering Sunday, March 16, at 9pm ET/PT.