How many ps4s have been sold?


How many ps4s have been sold?

116.9 million
Best-selling game consoles

Platform Type Units sold
PlayStation 4 # Home 116.9 million
Nintendo Switch # Hybrid 103.54 million
PlayStation Home 102.49 million
Wii Home 101.63 million

How many PS4 have been sold 2020?

How Many PS4’s Have Been Sold? As of October 22, 2020, a total of 110.4 million PS4 consoles, with the latest figures being revealed back in May 2020. This number by now has likely increased slightly, meaning that the total amount of PS4’s sold is close to 115 million.

How many sales did PS5 sell?

PS5 Sales Hit 17.3 Million, Now Selling Slower Than PS4.

How much did the PS4 sell in 2021?

The last high point for PS4 shipments was Holiday 2019 (Q3’19). Two years later, console system shipments have fallen -96%. Total PS4 sell-in for Fiscal Year 2021 is a low 0.9 million units–the lowest it has ever been since the console released.

Did the PS3 outsell the Xbox 360?

The PS3 eventually outsold the Xbox 360 to claim second place, but the result was a bit too close for comfort. Sony’s console, with its various iterations, sold around 87.4 million units, while estimated sales for the 360 range from 80-86 million units.

How many PS4 were sold in the first 6 months?

The PlayStation 5 has sold 8.04 million units in six months, while the PlayStation 4 sold 7.68 million units. Month 6 for the PlayStation 5 is April 2021 and for the PlayStation 4 is April 2014.

Why was the PlayStation 3 a failure?

At the time, major game studios were starting to abandon platform exclusives in favor of cross-platform launches. Though technically the quicker system, the PS3 often failed to deliver a performance or visual boost because developers had trouble optimizing for Sony’s unique hardware.