How many police officers are in Williamsburg VA?


How many police officers are in Williamsburg VA?

The Williamsburg Police Department is a 40+ sworn department, comprised of highly trained community-engaged staff.

Who is the sheriff of Williamsburg Virginia?

David Hardin –
David Hardin – Sheriff – Williamsburg – James City County Sheriff’s Office | LinkedIn.

How do I file a police report in Williamsburg VA?

If you are the victim of a crime and need to make a report to police, please call 757-566-0112. For information about crime statistics or general questions about crime in the County, please contact Crime Analyst Alicia Lamm at 757-259-5171.

Who is the sheriff of James City County VA?

Hardin, David
Sheriff’s Office

Name Title Phone
Hardin, David Sheriff 757-564-2335
Hardin, Dawn Administrative Coordinator 757-564-2220
Harris, Greg Master Deputy 757-564-2220 x-8379

What is the crime rate in Williamsburg VA?

The Williamsburg VA crime rate for 2018 was 131.66 per 100,000 population, a 15.17% decline from 2017. The Williamsburg VA crime rate for 2017 was 155.2 per 100,000 population, a 5.29% decline from 2016. The Williamsburg VA crime rate for 2016 was 163.87 per 100,000 population, a 144.4% increase from 2015.

Are 911 calls public record in Virginia?

Obtaining Copies of Fairfax County 9-1-1 and Non-Emergency Communications Records. The Virginia Freedom of Information Act (VFOIA) (Chapter 37 of Title 2.2 of Code of Virginia) provides citizens of the Commonwealth of Virginia access to public records held by public bodies as defined in the Act.

Is Williamsburg a nice place to live?

According to Area Vibes, Williamsburg has a livability score of 75, which puts it in the top 20% of all U.S. cities. The crime rate is 49% below the national average and Williamsburg is safer than 70% of American cities.

How can I get a copy of my criminal record in Virginia?

Requests for criminal record searches must be executed by the submission of a signed and notarized “Criminal Record Name Search” form SP-167. Download the instructions for the completion of this form. Create your SP-167 request to be printed for mailing to the Virginia State Police (must mail in one form per request).