How many kids did Bakili Muluzi have?


How many kids did Bakili Muluzi have?

Bakili Muluzi

Elson Bakili Muluzi
Political party Malawi Congress Party (before 1992) UDF (1992–present)
Spouse(s) Annie Chidzira Muluzi Patricia Shanil Muluzi
Children 7

What tribe is Mutharika?

Early life and career. Bingu wa Mutharika was born Brightson Webster Ryson Thom on 24 February 1934 in the village of Kamoto in Thyolo District, and is a member of the Lomwe ethnic group.

Is Peter Mutharika related to Bingu wa Mutharika?

Mutharika remained a widower for more than thirty years, but on 21 June 2014, he married Gertrude Maseko, a member of the Malawi Parliament. Mutharika is a member of the Presbyterian Church. He is the younger brother of Bingu wa Mutharika, Malawi’s third president.

Who was the first leader of Malawi?

President of Malawi

No. Name (Birth–Death) Political party
1 Hastings Banda ( c. 1899–1997) Malawi Congress Party
2 Bakili Muluzi (born 1943) United Democratic Front
3 Bingu wa Mutharika (1934–2012) United Democratic Front

Who is wife of Bakili Muluzi?

Annie Chidzira Muluzi (18 March 1952 – 28 December 2021) was First Lady of Malawi and wife of Bakili Muluzi….Annie Chidzira Muluzi.

Annie Muluzi
Died 28 December 2021 (aged 69) Nairobi, Kenya
Nationality Malawian
Political party United Democratic Front (Malawi)
Spouse(s) Bakili Muluzi (?–1999; divorced}

How old is Bakili Muluzi?

79 years (March 17, 1943)Bakili Muluzi / Age

Who is former president of Malawi?

Joyce Hilda Banda (née Ntila; born 12 April 1950) is a Malawian politician who was the President of Malawi from 7 April 2012 to 31 May 2014….Joyce Banda.

Her Excellency Joyce Banda
Vice President Khumbo Kachali
Preceded by Bingu wa Mutharika
Succeeded by Peter Mutharika
Vice President of Malawi

How old is Bingu wa Mutharika?

78 years (1934–2012)Bingu wa Mutharika / Age at death

When did Bingu wa Mutharika died?

April 5, 2012Bingu wa Mutharika / Date of death

Who is the former president of Malawi?

Who ruled Malawi?

In colonial times, the territory was ruled by the British, under whose control it was known first as British Central Africa and later Nyasaland. It became part of the Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland. The country achieved full independence, as Malawi, in 1964.

Elson Bakili Muluzi (born March 17, 1943 in Machinga, Nyasaland) is a Malawian politician who was the first freely elected President of Malawi from 1994 to 2004. He was also chairman of the United Democratic Front (UDF) until 2009.

Who is Elson Bakili Muluzi?

Elson Bakili Muluzi (born March 17, 1942 in Machinga, Nyasaland) is a Malawian politician who was the first freely elected President of Malawi from 1994 to 2004.

Where does Bakili Muluzi rank among Malawi’s greatest politicians?

Among politicians born in Malawi, Bakili Muluzi ranks 3. Before him are Hastings Banda (1898) and Peter Mutharika (1940). After him are Joyce Banda (1950), Abeid Karume (1905), and Lazarus Chakwera (1955).

Was Muluzi a UDF candidate?

Kennedy Makwangwala, the Secretary-General of the UDF, denounced this as “political persecution”. On April 24, 2008, a UDF convention chose Muluzi as the party’s 2009 presidential candidate. He received 1,950 votes against 38 for Vice-President Cassim Chilumpha.