How many goals did Dybala scored for Juventus?


How many goals did Dybala scored for Juventus?

He finished the season as Juventus’ top scorer with 23 goals in all competitions and 19 goals in Serie A, as the club celebrated their Serie A title victory.

How many goals and assists does Dybala have this season?

In the Italian Serie A season 2021/22, Paulo Dybala has played 19 matches (plus 2 as a sub). They have 30 shots on target from a total of 63 shots and have scored 8 goals (6.62 xG). Paulo Dybala averages 39 passes per match with a pass completion rate of 85%, and has 5 assists.

How many goals has Paulo Dybala scored in his career?

Dybala started his club career with Instituto and scored 17 goals in 38 appearances. For Palermo, where he spent three years of his career, he made 89 appearances and scored 21 goals….Paulo Dybala.

Season UEFA Champions League 17/18
Team Juventus
Apps (Subs) 8 (0)
Goals (P) 1 (0)
Assists 0

Is Dybala a good player?

His style of play and goal scoring ability is indeed likeable, impressive and exceptional (and organic). He has the potential to be one of the best players in the world, he got talent. He have to do more and more. Paulo Dybala, is the brightest youngster player in the Football World.

Who is number 11 in Juventus?

Juan Cuadrado

Juan Cuadrado #11 D 152 lbs
Danilo #6 D 171 lbs
Matthijs De Ligt #4 D 196 lbs
Davide de Marino #59 D

What is Dybala’s best position?

“I think playing just off the centre-forward is the best position for Dybala, because he can assist, dribble and score goals. “He has to be near to the goal, but I don’t quite see him as a centre-forward, even if he can open up spaces for team-mates.

Is Dybala captain of Juventus?

Juventus offering to make Dybala captain in two years as an agreement draws near. Juventus and Paulo Dybala are close to reaching an agreement over a new deal that would see him commit his future to the club for the next four years.

Is dybala left or right footed?

HiStory | Left-footed Dybala.

Who is Bayern Munich all-time top scorer?

Gerd Müller
As of the 2021, Gerd Müller has scored the most goals of Bayern Munich players by far, with a total of 523 goals scored. He also holds the record for most goals scored in a single Bundesliga season with 40 goals.