How many beaches are in Kerala?


How many beaches are in Kerala?

The beaches of Kerala are ready to look prettier, with the Kerala Tourism launching a Rs. 1,000 million plan for the development of 22 beaches, including Kovalam, Alappuzha, Nattika, Cherai, Muzhappilangad, Bekal and Kappad.

Which is the number one beach in Kerala?

Kovalam Beach
If you want action, you’ll definitely find it at Kovalam Beach—the most popular and most developed beach in Kerala. Often likened to Goa’s Calangute and Baga beaches, Kovalam is located not far from the capital, Trivandrum.

Which beach is the largest beach in Kerala?

Muzhappilangad Drive-in Beach (4 km length) is a beach in the state of Kerala in southwestern India. It is located parallel to National Highway 66(formerly National Highway 17) between Kannur and Thalassery. This beach is the longest Drive-In Beach in India .

Which is better Kovalam or Varkala?

Varkala has a longer, wider, and much better beach and has less black sand than Kovalam. Don’t expect that beaches to be having golden sands as being showcased in any restaurant brochures.

Which district have more beaches in Kerala?

District wise Distribution of Coastline of Kerala

NO District Length of Coast line
% of Total
1 Thiruvananthapuram 13.22
2 Kollam 6.27
3 Alappuzha 13.9

Which is the best driving beach in Kerala?

  1. Marari Beach. Marari Beach stands in a very calm and sleepy village in the Alleppey district of Kerala.
  2. Kovalam Beach. The Kovalam Beach is rightly tagged as the Crown beach of Kerala.
  3. Varkala Beach.
  4. Nattika Beach.
  5. Neendakara Beach.
  6. Padinjarekkara Beach.
  7. Kuzhupilly Beach.
  8. Kizhunna Beach.

Are there any beaches in Kerala?

Kerala Beaches Varkala Beach, Kovalam Beach, Bekal Beach, Alappuzha Beach, Chavakkad Beach, Nattika Beach, Neendakara Beach, Kappad Beach, Marari Beach, Payyambalam Beach, Kozhikode Beach, Meenkunnu Beach and many more.

Which is the smallest beach in Kerala?

smallest beach ever – Kalapathar Beach.

Which is the first traditional beach in Kerala?

Kovalam beach near Thiruvananthapuram was among the first beaches in Kerala to attract tourists. Rediscovered by back-packers and tan-seekers in the 1960s and followed by hordes of hippies in the 1970s, Kovalam is today the most visited beaches in the state.

What is Kerala beach name?

1. Kovalam Beach. Located near Trivandrum town, Kovalam is the most popular among family beaches in Kerala. It is also the most developed beach in the state.

Which is the best sea in Kerala?

Here is the list of 34 Best Beaches in Kerala That Every Traveller Must Visit

  • Varkala Beach – The Cliff Beach.
  • Alappuzha beach, Alleppey.
  • Muzhappilangad Beach – Drive-In Beach.
  • Bekal Beach – The Beach Beside The Fort.
  • Cherai Beach, Kochi.
  • Marari Beach, Alleppey.
  • Kappad Beach, Kozhikode.
  • Beypore Beach, Kozhikode.

Which is the best beach in Kerala?

Varkala Beach is the pick of the beaches in Kerala, in terms of ambiance and facilities. Although more and more tourists are flocking there every year, it’s still less crowded than Kovalam and the scenery is striking. The beach lies at the bottom of a long stretch of cliff that’s bordered by beach shacks and shops.

What are the best places to visit in Kerala besides Goa?

Kerala beaches are amongst the best in India and are an excellent alternative to Goa. Some of the beaches remain relatively deserted. Yet, in case you don’t want to relax, you’ll find plenty going on at others.

Why Kerala Tourism?

Our beaches have always attracted both natives and tourists alike. The waters act as a relaxant to the rigors of daily life. Kerala Tourism presents the finest set of pictures collected from beaches across the beautiful State. Palm-fringed beaches of… Setting out for the day…

Which is the best beach in Kovalam?

Lighthouse is the biggest and busiest of the two, with its promenade lined with open-air restaurants. Kovalam is a popular surfing destination in India. If you’d prefer somewhere a little more secluded, you’ll find nearby Samudra Beach to be a better option. Varkala Beach is the pick of the beaches in Kerala, in terms of ambiance and facilities.