How long does it take for global Interpark to ship?


How long does it take for global Interpark to ship?

: Minimum of 2-3 days for international shipping after shipment of product.

What is Korean Interpark?

Official website. Interpark is a South Korean company launched as an online auction website and shopping mall. In 2014, it entered the Korean music industry as a record distributor.

Does Interpark ship internationally?

The cost includes materials and Packaging only for International shipping, Additional charges such as (Duties and taxes for foreign country) may be charged.

How do I track my Interpark order?

Sorry, global INTERPARK is an online shopping mall. You can only perchase through our website. How to check my orders? Go to [My Page >Ordering/Shipping] and check detail of your orders and trace your package.

How do I change my name on Interpark?

After membership registration, you cannot change your name. *For fanclub inquiries, please contact [email protected].

How do I cancel my Interpark order?

Log on to the website and go into “My Ticket”. You can find “Cancel Ticket Order” button, and proceed the following steps. If I make a cancellation at the same day that I booked tickets, do I have to pay the cancellation fee?

What is global Interpark?

메뉴 global 검색 0 마이페이지 The leader of Korean E-Commerce Market, Interpark Interpark has started its service in 1996. and is the first E-Commerce Company in Korea. Interpark ,a combined word of “Internet” and “theme park”, implies to provide joy of a theme part on the Internet for the users.

How do I delete my Interpark account?

Withdrawal of consent is available through “ LOGIN > MY PAGE > MY ACCOUNT SETTINGS > DEACTIVATE YOUR ACCOUNT ”.

Does global Interpark accept Paypal?

Global interpark didn’t accept paypal! They accept only Credit Card. It’s possible for you makes a GO, but you must have korean address. Explain for you if you want to like group order of BTS 4th Global Fanclub.

Can you change your name in Interpark?

How do I cancel an order on Interpark?