How long does it take for broken facial bones to heal?


How long does it take for broken facial bones to heal?

They will heal themselves over 3-6 weeks. want to bring the broken bones back into a normal alignment (called ‘reducing’ the fracture) and keep it/them in this place (called ‘fixing the fracture’), preventing further injury. Sometimes they will need to operate to do this.

How long does a zygomatic fracture take to heal?

Cheekbone fractures rarely get infected, so you will not usually need antibiotics. Swelling and bruising can be reduced by using cold packs and sleeping propped up for the first few days. Even if you have plates and screws to hold your cheekbone in place, it still takes about six weeks for the bone to heal completely.

What is tripod fracture?

The zygomaticomaxillary complex fracture, also known as a quadripod fracture, quadramalar fracture, and formerly referred to as a tripod fracture or trimalar fracture, has four components, three of which are directly related to connections between the zygoma and the face, and the fourth being the orbital floor.

What is tripod surgery?

A ZMC fracture is also known as a tripod, tetrapod, or quadripod fracture, trimalar fracture or malar fracture [1,2]. Management of ZMC fractures is a frequent challenge in plastic surgery. The surgical approach is devised based on the findings from the physical examination and imaging studies.

Where is a tripod fracture located?

They are the second most common facial bone fracture after nasal bone injuries. The fracture complex results from a direct blow to the malar eminence and results in three distinct fracture components that disrupt the anchoring of the zygoma.

Do zygomatic fracture heal on its own?

Zygomatic complex fractures with no or minimal displacement are often treated without surgical intervention, whereas fractures with functional or esthetic impairments in the form of diplopia, extraocular muscle entrapment, malocclusion, restricted mouth opening and/or depression of the malar prominence often …

What sutures are involved in tripod fractures?

Zygomaticomaxillary Complex Fracture (Tripod Fracture) Buttresses: two major buttresses of the ZMC are the upper transverse maxillary (across the zygomaticomaxillary and zygomaticotemporal sutures) and the lateral vertical maxillary (across the zygomaticomaxillary and frontozygomatic sutures)

What is a displaced tripod fracture?

The displaced tripod fragment may physically restrict motion of the mandible. In some cases, force may propagate along the long axis of the lateral orbital wall and involve the orbital apex or optic canal, resulting in diminished vision. CT is extremely helpful in evaluating these fractures.

How serious is a facial fracture?

Is a facial fracture a serious problem? If you suffer from a facial injury, you should seek immediate medical attention. Some fractures are minor. However, complex fractures may cause irreversible damage and can even be life-threatening.

How does a fractured cheekbone heal?

Cheekbone fractures usually heal without infection, although it may be necessary to take antibiotics, particularly if a graft has been used. Initially it may be necessary for you to take antibiotics through a vein in your arm whilst you are in hospital.

What bones are involved in a tripod fracture?

Zygomaticomaxillary complex (ZMC) fractures, also known as tripod, tetrapod, quadripod, malar or trimalar fractures, are seen in the setting of traumatic injury to the face….They comprise fractures of the:

  • zygomatic arch.
  • inferior orbital rim, and anterior and posterior maxillary sinus walls.
  • lateral orbital rim.