How long are the threads on a bolt?


How long are the threads on a bolt?

US Standard Thread Length for Bolts

Bolt Diameter Standard Thread Length (in.) *
Bolts 6 inches and shorter Bolts longer than 6 inches
3/4″ 1-3/4″ 2″
7/8″ 2″ 2-1/4″
1″ 2-1/4″ 2-1/2″

What thread size is a 1/2 bolt?

Standard Thread Pitch Chart

Coarse Thread Series – UNC Fine Thread Series – UNF
Nominal Size and Threads Per In. Basic Pitch Dia. Nominal Size and Threads Per In.
1⁄2 – 13 0.45 1⁄2 – 20
9⁄16 – 12 0.5084 9⁄16 – 18
5⁄8 – 11 0.566 5⁄8 – 18

How deep is a thread on a bolt?

Many studies have found that there is a simple rule of thumb for standard pitch fasteners. The depth of a fastener should be at least two times its nominal diameter. For example a 1/4in (0.25in) fastener should be threaded at least 1/2in (0.50in) deep.

What is the length of thread?

The axial distance through which the fully formed threads of both the nut and bolt are in contact is called the length of thread engagement.

How long is M8 bolt?

Standard Thread Length for Bolts | Metric

Bolt Diameter 125mm and Shorter Longer Than 125mm
M6 18 24
M7 20 26
M8 22 28
M10 26 32

What are standard screw lengths?

Lengths range from 1/4″ to 6″; 5″ or so is the longest typically found and larger screw sizes are offered in the longer lengths. Sizes less than 1″ are in 1/8″ increments; lengths from 1″ to 3″ are in 1/4″ steps; and screws longer than 3″ increase in length by 1/2″.

How long does my bolt need to be?

A typical rule of thumb . . . Use a bolt diameter that is 1.5 – 2.5 times (up to three times) the thickness of the thinner material you are bolting together.

How long should bolts be?

A good rule to follow is to always use the shortest standard length fastener that gives a minimum one thread protrusion. Small and/or short bolts come in 1/8- or 1/4-inch increments. As the fastener gets larger and longer the increments change to 1/2 inch….Industry Rule-of- Thumb.

Threads per Inch Protrusion
7 .286