How does reward stash work?


How does reward stash work?

How do I earn Stash Points? It’s simple: Book on our website, earn points. You get 5 points/dollar at Partner Hotels, 3 points/dollar at Stash Approved Hotels, and 1 point/dollar at all other hotels. You can also earn points if you book an eligible stay through a Partner Hotel directly.

How many Stash points do you need for a free night?

8,000 points
Redeem when you’re ready. No annoying blackout dates and your points never expire. Free nights start as low as 8,000 points.

What does the reward stash do in Far Cry primal?

Far Cry Primal The rewards stash is for picking up items that the community gives you as you progress through the game on a sleep cycle base. What you have in your bags is for yoou to use out in the field and once an item is full there is no need to gather any more until you see it start to run low.

How do you get Flint in Far Cry primal?

Collecting stones and rocks returns Flint a lot of the time. Also very common in Reward Stash as you progress.

Where are rare reeds in Far Cry Primal?

Where To Find Reeds And Rare Reeds. Western area of Oros, near water. The larger the pool of water, the more Reeds.

How do you get rare South Maple in Far Cry Primal?

Far Cry Primal Rare South Maple Location Location – Can be found in Furthest areas South of Oros. There is a small chance of getting Rare South Maple when collecting South Maple. Make sure to hit that “LIKE” button,Thanks! :] ►►Enjoyed?

Does Far Cry Primal have DLC?

Far Cry Primal dlc DLC – Wenja Pack – PC (Download) This content requires the base game in order to play.

What is the strongest animal in Far Cry Primal?

Personally I choose Sabretooth Tiger, Bear and Cave Bear as they are the strongest animals in Far Cry Primal that you can tame. However Cave Bears have a bug that makes them die for no reason.

How many hours is Far Cry Primal?

When focusing on the main objectives, Far Cry Primal is about 15 Hours in length. If you’re a gamer that strives to see all aspects of the game, you are likely to spend around 36 Hours to obtain 100% completion.

What is in the Wenja pack?

Includes the Legend of the Mammoth missions (‘Duel of Beasts’, ‘Hunt the Hunters’ and ‘The Trapped Elder’), Blood Shasti Club, Storm Cloud Owl Skin, Flame Fang Sabretooth Skin, Ash Back Mammoth Skin, Wenja Hunter Paint, Crafter’s Perk, Hunter’s Perk, Gatherer’s Perk, and Bomb Pack.