How does a 2 week referral work?


How does a 2 week referral work?

What is a ‘Two Week Wait’ referral? A ‘Two Week Wait’ referral is a request from your General Practitioner (GP) to ask the hospital for an urgent appointment for you, because you have symptoms that might indicate that you have cancer.

What is the NHS 2 week pathway?

An urgent two-week referral means that you will be offered an appointment with a hospital specialist within 2 weeks of your General Practitioner (GP) making the referral.

How long should I wait for a cancer referral?

A new primary cancer If so, you should wait no more than 2 months (62 days) to start treatment. This time starts on the date that the hospital has received an urgent referral for suspected cancer. You might have to wait longer if you need extra tests to diagnose your cancer.

What is the cancer referral pathway?

A Cancer Pathway is the PATIENT’s journey from the initial suspicion of cancer through Clinical Investigations, PATIENT DIAGNOSIS and treatment. This could be by: Initial referral to a hospital specialist by the PATIENT’s GENERAL PRACTITIONER. Assessment in an Emergency Care Department.

Why would a doctor refer you to an oncologist?

You will likely be referred to an oncologist if your doctor suspects that you have the disease. Your primary care physician may carry out tests to determine if you might have cancer. If there are any signs of cancer, your doctor may recommend visiting an oncologist as soon as possible.

What percentage of adult patients referred through the urgent two week wait suspected cancer referral pathway might be expected to have cancer?

In December 2017, 94.8% of people were seen by a specialist within two weeks of an urgent GP referral for suspected cancer, 97.9% started a first definitive treatment for a new primary cancer and 84.2% of people received a first definitive treatment for cancer following an urgent GP referral for suspected cancer within …