How do you use meet manager for swimming?


How do you use meet manager for swimming?

Use Meet Manager and Swim Manager Together

  1. Create meet. Go to File, then Open/New to open or create new database. Enter Meet Set-up information. Enter preferences and settings under Set-up tab.
  2. Add events. Go to Events and select Add. Complete Add New Event screen for Event 1, click OK. Repeat a-b until all events added.

How do I upload results to Meet Mobile?

Once an internet connection is available after the meet, refer to the following instructions to upload results:

  1. Go to Run > Meet Mobile.
  2. Check the Activate the Meet Mobile System box.
  3. Select one or more sessions.
  4. Click Upload Session Results. Was this information helpful?

How much does hytek meet manager cost?

Our Price: $179.00 Meet Manager’s features are intuitive and flexible and built to save the valuable time of organizers like you. TFMM can run any type of track and field meet, at any level of competition. The Meet Manager Start-Up comes equipped to run a basic all-comers track meet.

How do I set up Meet Mobile?

Below are instructions to configure Meet Mobile Publishing from within the main screen of Meet Manager 7.0 and Meet Manager 8.0.

  1. Set up Meet Mobile.
  2. Set up your Meet Mobile settings.
  3. Publish the meet.
  4. Promote the meet.
  5. View meet mobile publishing reports.

How do team managers swim?

Getting Started in Team Manager

  1. Open database. Go to File and select Open/New. Next to File name enter database name. Click Open.
  2. Enter System Preferences, click OK. ‚Äč‚ÄčNote: Related Article Edit System Preferences (Swim)
  3. Add team. Go to Teams. Click Add.
  4. Add athletes. Go to Athletes. Click Add.

How do I import meet events into Meet Manager?

From the TEAM MANAGER Main Menu Bar, click on File then Import then Meet Events. TM will first ask you to select the Drive, Directory, and File Name of the file you wish to Import. If the meet results file is on a diskette, put the diskette into your Drive A and select A from the Windows Open dialog box.

How much does Meet Mobile cost?

The cost of this subscription is planned to be $1.99 per month or $5.99 per year. This is a major breakaway from where most mainstream sports currently reside within the Internet ecosphere. Every single other mainstream and/or major sport provides open and free access to the most basic levels of results access.

What is the latest version of Meet Manager?

NOTE: Meet Manager 8.0 has been released for production on February 14, 2020. This $20.00 fee entitles you to two years year of telephone and email support.

How do I download Meet Manager?

Installation steps Download the latest Meet Manager Installer (see below). You will need your Splash usernumber and password to login to this site. Launch the installer from your download folder by double-clicking the install_Meet.exe file. Click Next and read the Software License Agreement carefully.

How much is Meet Mobile?

Who owns Meet Mobile?

In 2020, The Meet Group was acquired by ProSiebenSat. 1 Media with a parent company, ParshipMeet Group, being formed to manage both The Meet Group and Parship.