How do you teach Romeo and Juliet to kids?


How do you teach Romeo and Juliet to kids?

6 Creative Ideas for Teaching Romeo and Juliet

  1. Provoke Discussion & Debate.
  2. Use Memes.
  3. Creative Analysis.
  4. Summarize Each Act.
  5. Avoid Character Confusion.
  6. Have fun – laugh -giggle!

How do I teach Romeo and Juliet?

Romeo and Juliet Lesson Plans: Free Teaching Ideas

  1. Provide background. Brain-based learning research tells teachers to provide background before starting a unit.
  2. Acknowledge the romance.
  3. Show the movie first.
  4. Write and write.
  5. Watch modern interpretations.
  6. Highlight the language.
  7. Posters.
  8. Show the comedy.

How do you introduce students to Romeo and Juliet?

Introduce the topic by writing the words ‘Romeo and Juliet’ on the board. Ask students what they know about the play and brainstorm ideas, writing words on the board around ‘Romeo and Juliet’. When they have finished, write the word ‘relationship’ on the board.

What grade should I teach Romeo and Juliet?

9th Grade English Curriculum – Romeo and Juliet | Common Core Lessons.

Can a 12 year old read Romeo and Juliet?

It’s a good book but not for younger kids. The adults are also not the best role models and I do not think that this is appropriate for kids younger than 14.

What are some major lessons of Romeo and Juliet?

The primary lesson from Romeo and Juliet that we need to learn is to be true in life rather like they are earnest to each other. Secondly, there are values in life that we ought to not disregard and we need to keep our guarantees as well.

Is Romeo and Juliet appropriate for 9th graders?

The film’s bouncing soundtrack, MTV-style cinematography, and all-star cast will have teens begging to see Romeo + Juliet. Parents are cautioned against permitting tweens and under to view this film due to its extreme violence, gross materialism, and sexual innuendo.

Why should we read Romeo and Juliet?

The key advantages associated with the study of Romeo and Juliet consist of; students getting to learn about the way people spoke during Shakespeare’s time, the theme of the play being the ones that students can relate to, and the useful life lessons that can be learned.

Why do we teach Romeo and Juliet?

She states, “Romeo and Juliet being taught in schools could be very helpful to students. There are multiple benefits, such as increased skill in understanding text based on context clues and practice in understanding a complex plot, to reading the play in class” (Www. elizabethtrakhman).

Why should 9th graders read Romeo and Juliet?

Shakespeare should be in the ninth grade curriculum because Romeo and Juliet can teach teens that ot listening to your parents can end in something bad, it can improve your writing and speaking abilities, and he can inspire young teens. In the play, Romeo and Juliet sneak out a lot to see each other.

Is Romeo and Juliet 1968 for kids?

The minimum age depends on the child maturity and ability to understand complex topics, such as love, death and fate. I would say 10+ is a minimum, 12+ would be appropriate for most of the children.