How do you know if a wood stove is UL approved?


How do you know if a wood stove is UL approved?

The UL label does not mean the device is certified to meet emission performance standards. There is no list of certified wood stoves and fireplace inserts. Only a DEQ or EPA certification label on the back of a device can prove a device is certified to meet emissions performance standards.

What is UL listed wood stove?

(UL). The UL is a non-government, non-profit organization that tests and certifies products for safety. Manufacturers are not required to submit their products for testing. Some insurance companies require that wood stoves be UL approved before they’re installed.

Are Hearthstone wood stoves UL listed?

Our thermal protection Hearthstone™ floor protectors were tested and approved by U.L. Laboratories with a “R” rating of 2.1. This is a UL listed product.

Are Buck stoves UL listed?

All Buck Wood Stoves, fireplace inserts and freestanding stoves are tested and listed to UL Standards by ITC (Warnock Hersey/Intertek).

Are pellet stoves UL listed?

This patented revolutionary design is the only EPA certified and UL listed non-electric pellet stove on the market today.

Are Timberline wood stoves UL approved?

I found the Timberline Owners Manual in an earlier thread which states that they are in accordance with the requirements of Underwriters Laboratories, Inc and U.L. 1482.

What is the most expensive wood stove?

Iron Dog 05 Huraxdax
But if you have all the help in the world and you need some much needed ‘luxury’ push to get into the kitchen, check out the world’s most expensive wood-burning stove, the Iron Dog 05 Huraxdax. Designed by sculptor Joseph Michael Neustifte, one stove takes around 2 months to craft.

Can you put gas logs in a Buck Stove?

You CANNOT install ventless gas log in any other type of gas fireplace or gas stove including b-vent (natural vent), direct vent or ventless gas fireplaces. Important Note: Ventless gas logs are NOT legal in California and some other states, cities or municipalities.

Are Jotul stoves UL approved?

All Jøtul wood-burning stoves and fireplaces comply with National Safety standards and are tested and listed by Intertek Testing Services of Middleton, Wisconsin to ANSI / UL 1482 for the U.S. and CAN / ULC-S627-M93 for Canada.