How do you eat choy sum?


How do you eat choy sum?

The stalks can be served cooked until wilted but retain the crunchy texture. The greens can be prepared by boiling, steaming or stir-frying. If blanched to eat as a vegetable, choy sum can be served at room temperature and dressed lightly with soy sauce or a sesame oil.

Can choy sum be eaten raw?

Choy sum is best suited for both raw and cooked applications such as stir-frying, blanching, and boiling. When fresh, Choy sum is utilized for its young leaves and stems and can be sliced and added to green salads or lightly tossed in dressing and sauces for a crisp side dish.

Are choy sum flowers edible?

Choy sum, is a popular Asian Vegetable with lush green leaves, thick hollow stalks and small yellow flowers. While all parts of the plant are edible, Choy Sum is cultivated to produce tender, crunchy stems and flavourful flowers which have a mild ‘mustard-like’ bite.

Do you have to cook choy sum?

Yu choy sum stems tend to be tender enough that they can be cooked along with the leaves. With older yu choy, you may want to cook the stems separately (e.g. by adding them to a stir fry first) in order to avoid over-cooking the leaves.

What is the difference between choy sum and bok choy?

Bok choy: Also known as pak choy or Chinese cabbage, it has dark-green leaves and a white stalk. Baby bok choy: The most common Chinese green, it is light green and usually sold in bunches of three. Choy sum: Produces small yellow flowers, which gives it its other name of Chinese flowering cabbage.

How do you keep choy sum fresh?

Refrigerate in a plastic bag or in the vegetable crisper compartment of the fridge. If the choy sum is fresh, wrapping the stems in a damp paper towel or newspaper before placing in a plastic bag will extend the keeping of them by several days.

How many times can you harvest choy sum?

Choy sum can tolerate temperatures ranging from 57°F (14°C) to 86°F (30°C). However, colder climates stimulate more abundant growth. You can plant choy sum several times a year, as both a spring and autumn crop.

Is choy sum bok choi?

Choy sum, also known as choi sum / cai xin / Chinese flowering cabbage / gunsho, is a leafy green stir-fry vegetable that’s kind of like a cross between bok choy and rapini. In this simple stir-fry dish, the choy sum is briefly blanched before hitting the pan at high heat with an easy garlic sauce.