How do I use my Omron digital thermometer?


How do I use my Omron digital thermometer?


  1. Press the power on/off button. A default temperature 37.0°C (98.6°F) is shown up on display.
  2. Apply the thermometer to the measurement site.
  3. When the reading is ready, the thermometer will emit a beeping sound three times.
  4. Turn off the thermometer and store it in the protective case.

How do I change my Omron thermometer from C to F?

Anyone facing issue, changing scale from Celsius to Fahrenheit can try this:

  1. Turn off the thermometer.
  2. Remove battery from the back, wait for a minute.
  3. Put the battery back in the thermometer.
  4. Turn thermometer on, keep power button pressed for 7 seconds. Scale should switch to F from C.

How do I know if my basal thermometer is accurate?

A beep to indicate that the thermometer is finished is nice. When you’re taking your temperature before you’ve stepped out of bed, it’s easy to fall asleep with the thermometer in your mouth. The beep helps. A must-have in a BBT thermometer is accuracy to one-tenth of a degree.

How do I take my temperature with a digital thermometer?

To use a digital thermometer:

  1. Clean the tip with cold water and soap, then rinse it.
  2. Turn the thermometer on.
  3. Put the tip under your tongue, towards the back of your mouth.
  4. Close your lips around the thermometer.
  5. Wait until it beeps or flashes.
  6. Check the temperature on the display.

How do I change my Omron thermometer from Celsius to Fahrenheit MC 720?

2.2 Switching between °C and °F

  1. While the room temperature is displayed, press and hold the START button.
  2. While holding it down, press and hold the ON/MEM button until °F appears on the display with two beeps.

What is a normal basal body temperature?

Detti says. Most women’s basal body temperature is between 97 to 97.5 degrees Fahrenheit before ovulation; after ovulation, it typically ranges from 97.6 to 98.6 F. But other factors can impact basal body temperature, too: Stress.

Do you use a basal thermometer orally?

You can use a special thermometer designed for basal body temperature, or a digital oral thermometer. You can take an oral, vaginal, or rectal reading. Just be sure to use the same method each time. Take your temperature as close to the same time every day as you can.

How do I change my thermometer back to Fahrenheit?

If you live in the U.S., the thermometer you have received is pre-programmed to Fahrenheit units. To switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit, you can press and hold the power button when the thermometer is off, this will change units to Celsius instead of Fahrenheit (and back if needed).