How do I use a promo code on TurboTax?


How do I use a promo code on TurboTax?

Select your product, sign in, and start on your tax return. When you get to the Review your order screen (in the File section) you’ll see the discounted price along with the message Your discount has been applied.

How can I get TurboTax Deluxe for free?

The Free File program at gives eligible taxpayers free access to brand name software programs offered by rival tax-prep companies. Those who qualify can use online software that prompts filers with key tax questions, does the math and allows you to file returns electronically for free.

Where do I find my TurboTax code?

If you downloaded TurboTax directly from, you can find your license code:

  1. On your order confirmation screen.
  2. In your email confirmation.
  3. In your My downloads folder. Go to Hover over File your own taxes, then CD/Download products, and then select Access my downloads.

Can I use a service code to provide a discount on TurboTax desktop?

Service codes apply a discount to the TurboTax Online fee and are granted by our Support Specialists on a case-by-case basis for support-related reasons. Don’t confuse service codes with regular TurboTax online discounts and coupons, such as those offered through Groupon.

Why am I getting a TurboTax code?

It’s likely another customer accidentally mis-typed your phone number into their account today in the rush to file taxes. No need to worry, your account is still safe. If you ever have concerns about your account – login and view your Account Activity under the Security tab in Account Settings.

How do I find my service code?

As a general rule, desktop and laptop PCs, servers and storage devices, printers, and mobile devices (such as phones or tablets) will have a Service Tag. The Service Tag or Serial Number label can be found on a pull-out tab at the back of the device.

How do I save on TurboTax?

If you are online, Go to the bottom of the black vertical menu, on the left side, and click on Sign Out. If you are in the desktop version, select File in the upper left and then Save, to save your progress.