How do I unfreeze my engagement links?


How do I unfreeze my engagement links?

The “Freeze Links” workpaper icon will display in the rolled forward binder. The workpaper can be unfrozen in the binder window. Right-click on the workpaper and click Unfreeze Links.

What is CCH Engagement organizer?

Engagement Organizer provides an automated way to request documents from clients before. beginning an engagement. This allows for easier tracking of when the documents have been received. and what remains outstanding.

What is knowledge coach in engagement?

Knowledge Coach quickly guides you through audit planning, ensuring that your engagement is tailored to the specific entity and its risks. It also facilitates your ongoing management of risks and program steps, ensuring that all identified risks are addressed throughout the engagement.

What is ProSystem FX tax?

CCH ProSystem fx Tax is an industry-recognized tax prep and compliance system, and acts the cornerstone of the CCH® ProSystem fx® Suite — a robust set of integrated tax, accounting and audit, and workflow solutions that lets public accounting firms of all sizes maximize productivity and profits.

How do you link steps in Knowledge Coach?

To link a program step to a risk, do the following:

  1. On the All Engagements page, click the engagement to open it.
  2. Open a substantive audit program.
  3. Scroll down to the substantive procedures table.
  4. In the Link to Risk column for the program step you want to link, select the risks you want to link.

What is ProSystem?

ProSystem fx Suite is an integrated tax and accounting solution that allows you to organize and streamline your tax, accounting and workflow.

How do I delete Schedule C from ProSystem FX?


  1. With your return open, search for business (schedule c).
  2. Select the Jump to link in the search results.
  3. On the Your 2021 self-employed work summary screen, select the trash can icon next to the defunct business.
  4. Answer Yes, delete this info to confirm the removal of all business-related forms.