How do I transfer to GCU?


How do I transfer to GCU?

Transfer Application Requirements Applicants with 24 or more transferable credits from an accredited, GCU-approved college, university, or program may be accepted to the University if they have an unweighted GPA of 2.25 or above. With less than 24, a minimum GPA of 2.75 is required.

Is GCU a good school?

Grand Canyon University is also recognized as a legitimate, post-secondary education provider by both the Arizona State Board of Education and Council on Higher Education Accreditation (the U.S. Department of Education).

Is GCU expensive?

GCU On-Campus Tuition and Costs Grand Canyon University’s annual campus tuition rate is $16,500 for both in-state and out-of-state students. With the help of GCU-funded scholarships, for the 2019-20 year, the average campus student only paid $8,600 in annual tuition.

Does GCU have a dress code?

The school has an extensive code of conduct, including a dress code aimed at modesty.

Is GCU a dry campus?

Grand Canyon University is a dry campus and as such possession or use of alcohol or alcohol related paraphernalia is prohibited on campus. Please keep in mind that Canyon Hall is a residential community for GCU student.

What tier is GCU?

GCU ranks 7th nationwide in rankings of best college dorms by GCU ranks 663rd on’s list of best colleges in America, though its campus and some academic programs ranked higher.

What happens if you don’t pass a class at GCU?

If you wait till after the deadline your grade will be a big fat zero for the rest of your assignments. GCU will do refunds based on the date you drop the class. The refund can range from 100% to 0%. Your course fees for online students are non- refundable after the class starts.

What is a good similarity score?

Green indicates matches between 1% and 24% and is the most common. While a Green score might suggest the document is OK, it is simply an indication of the amount of matched text, so potentially, up to 24% of the document could still have been copied without referencing. Yellow –25% – 49% matching text.

How many credits do you need to graduate GCU?

120 credits

Do you have to go to chapel at GCU?

If you don’t attend, you can’t act with truth and love toward other Christians in the church. Yes, you may be able to maintain friendships with some believers, but if you fail to gather regularly with a local church, other believers who need your truthful and loving encouragement will never receive it.

Why is LopesWrite a valuable tool for students?

While Turnitin can be used as a punitive measure to catch students who are copying the work of others without acknowledgement, it is also valuable as a feedback mechanism to help students learn what constitutes plagiarism and to help them to develop their academic writing skills.

What LMS does GCU use?

LoudCloud Learning Management System

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What GPA do you need to go to GCU?


What does report awaited mean?

Some students are still experiencing a delay with TurnItIn. If you’re seeing the message “report awaited,” then your paper will eventually go through, and you should see your Originality Report shortly. You can give your instructors ticket number #687427; and you should not be penalized for late assignments.

What is the acceptance rate for GCU?

76.9% (2020)

What are some possible consequences of not checking your LopesWrite report?

If you don’t check your lopeswrite report you run the risk at of submitting an assignment full of grammatical errors and having an assignment that is plagiarized.

How many credits can you transfer to GCU?

90 credits

How long does it take for GCU to accept you?

The university takes one to two weeks to make admission decisions, after the successful submission of complete admission materials.