How do I set up subscriptions for event logs?


How do I set up subscriptions for event logs?

Event subscription configuration

  1. Open Event Viewer in the Event Collector and navigate to the Subscriptions node.
  2. Right-click Subscriptions and choose “Create Subscription…”
  3. Give a name and an optional description for the new Subscription.
  4. Select “Source computer initiated” option and click “Select Computer Groups…”.

What is event log subscription?

Event Log Subscriptions comes into play … Subscription enables you to save events from remote computers. In this article I am going to configure a collector and a target system. Suppose you want to collect event log events from your domain controller on your client computer.

How do I get the event log in PowerShell?

The Get-EventLog cmdlet gets events and event logs from local and remote computers. By default, Get-EventLog gets logs from the local computer. To get logs from remote computers, use the ComputerName parameter. You can use the Get-EventLog parameters and property values to search for events.

What PowerShell commands exists for working with event logs?

Viewing the Windows PowerShell Event Log To examine the events and their properties, use the Sort-Object cmdlet, the Group-Object cmdlet, and the cmdlets that contain the Format verb (the Format cmdlets). For more information, type “Get-Help Get-EventLog” and “Get-Help Get-WmiObject”.

How do I set up target subscription manager?

Select Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Event Forwarding, and then click Configure Target Subscription Manager. Click the Edit policy setting link. In the Configure Target Subscription Manager window, make sure that the subscription is marked as Enabled.

What is a WEF Server?

Windows Event Forwarding (WEF) reads any operational or administrative event log on a device in your organization and forwards the events you choose to a Windows Event Collector (WEC) server.

How does Windows Event Collector work?

Event collection allows administrators to get events from remote computers and store them in a local event log on the collector computer. The destination log path for the events is a property of the subscription.

How do I troubleshoot Windows Event Forwarding?

4. How to Troubleshoot Event Forwarding

  1. Verify that you have waited long enough for the event to be forwarded.
  2. Check the Applications And Services Logs\Microsoft\Windows\Eventlog-ForwardPlugin\Operational event log and verify that the subscription was created successfully.

How do I get Event Viewer logs?

Click Start > Control Panel > System and Security > Administrative Tools. Double-click Event Viewer. Select the type of logs that you wish to review (ex: Windows Logs)

What is event PowerShell?

Description. The Get-Event cmdlet gets events in the PowerShell event queue for the current session. You can get all events or use the EventIdentifier or SourceIdentifier parameter to specify the events. When an event occurs, it is added to the event queue.

How do I get logs from Event Viewer?

How do I configure Windows event log forwarding?

This is one way to configure Windows Event forwarding….Right-click Subscriptions and select Create Subscription.

  1. Enter a name and description for the subscription.
  2. For Destination Log, confirm that Forwarded Events is selected.
  3. Select Source computer initiated and click Select Computers Groups.
  4. Click Select Events.