How do I set up scan to computer on Konica Minolta?


How do I set up scan to computer on Konica Minolta?

Operation flow

  1. Load the original.
  2. Enter user information, and log in to this machine. For details on the login procedure, refer to Here.
  3. Tap [Scan/Fax].
  4. Select [Home].
  5. Configure Scan option settings as necessary.
  6. Press the Start key.

How do I connect my Konica Minolta printer to my computer wirelessly?

Make sure the printer is on the same wireless network as the computer

  1. Open a Web browser, and then type the IP address of your access point in the address field.
  2. When prompted, type the user name and password for the access point.
  3. Click OK.

What is scan SMB?

It is possible to send a large volume of scan data from the machine to the shared folder created on the Windows computer (supporting SMB protocol) on the network. Create a shared folder “Scan-SMB” on the desktop of the Windows computer and send the scan data (PDF) with the Scan to SMB function from the machine.

How do you scan multiple pages into individual pdfs all at once?

Click the Scan tab, and then click the type of scan you require (Image, E-mail, or File). The scan settings dialog appears….The scan settings dialog appears.

  1. Select the file type supporting multi-page documents from the File Type drop-down list.
  2. Check the Continuous Scanning box.
  3. Click Scan.

What is WiFi Direct spooler use?

Wi-Fi Direct could be used to remotely connect to a wireless printer without requiring the printer to join an existing wireless network. Android also includes built-in support for Wi-Fi Direct, although few applications are using it just yet. Many devices are already using Wi-Fi with built-in Wi-Fi radios.

How do I connect to a developing printer?

User Interface

  1. Look for a WiFi network and press on Wi-Fi Direct.
  2. Look for for the Wi-Fi Direct devices in scope.
  3. Select the bizhub system to connect to it. You are ready to print on this system from your mobile. A3 colour.