How do I reset my Maytag Neptune gas dryer?


How do I reset my Maytag Neptune gas dryer?

Examples of error codes for Maytag dryers include “AF,” “PF” or “F” with a number. To reset the dryer if an error code occurs, press “Power/Cancel” twice and then reselect a cycle and press “Start.”

How do you test a gas valve on a gas dryer?

Remove the small access panel at the bottom, front of the dryer, select a high temperature setting and start the appliance. Watch the burner assembly, shortly after starting the dryer the ignitor should begin to glow. Next you should hear the click of the gas valve coil and a flame should ignite.

Is the Maytag Neptune dryer gas?

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How do I troubleshoot my Maytag Neptune dryer?

Ensure that the dryer’s door is latched shut and that the power cord is plugged into an electrical outlet. Also check the home’s fuse box for a tripped circuit breaker. Make sure that the “Air Fluff” button on the dryer’s touchscreen has not been selected if the dryer fails to produce heat.

Does the Maytag Neptune washer have a reset button?

Turn off and unplug the washer. Wait 30 seconds. Reconnect it and press the “Power” button. This resets the unit.

Where is the reset button on my Maytag dryer?

How To Reset Maytag Dryer

  1. You can reset a Maytag dryer by removing power from the dryer for 30 minutes.
  2. As a general rule, there is not a stand-alone reset button on the Maytag dryer.
  3. Step 1: Select any three buttons on the control panel, except for the Power or Start buttons.

How do I know if my gas dryer valve is bad?

Locate the gas valve and remove the coil(s) and test them using a multimeter, if you get a resistance reading on the meter of 1000-2000 ohms, the coil is bad and must be replaced.

Why is my Maytag gas dryer not heating?

The Thermal Fuse protects a dryer from overheating. In a gas dryer the fuse is located on or near the burner assembly. If the fuse is tripped by a higher than normal temperature, the dryer will no longer produce heat. Unfortunately, once a fuse is blown, it needs to be replaced.