How do I reset my Landis Gyr electric meter?


How do I reset my Landis Gyr electric meter?

Turn off all appliances. Press any button on the meter to reset the meter. Turn on only the appliances that you need. If you do not reduce the number of appliances being used, the meter will trip a second time.

How do I fix error code 30 on a prepaid meter?

Error 30 – Technical error on your meter – please switch your meter off as well as your electricity mains and wait a few minutes. Turn back on and retry the token. If this error 30 persists you should contact your municipality and get a technician to have a look at the meter.

How do you open Landis Gyr prepaid meter error 30?

Start resolving error 30 on your prepaid meter by switching off your meter and your mains switch. Keep your meter off for a few minutes. Now turn the meter on and retry feeding in your tokens. If you keep getting error 30, then it is time to lay your hands off the meter and contact a technician from your municipality.

How do you reset a meter box?

The consumption and number of days are displayed on the meter. The day and consumption counters will be reset by pressing the i key twice.

Why is my meter rejecting my token?

WHY DOES MY METER REJECT TOKENS? This may result from using the wrong meter number when vending, a faulty meter or change in tariff index. The customer is required to visit any of our nearest customer care units or contact us through our contact channels(helplines, social media & live chat) for immediate assistance.

What is tamper mode?

Why do meters go into tamper mode? This is a situation where the meter is unable to dispense power/supply/current to customer’s premises for the following reasons: – Open meter contactor/cover. – Unauthorised interference with the meter. – Sparks.

What is the code to reset prepaid meter?

Press 990, then Enter. Press 0000, then Enter, the response “Good” should Display. Press 999, then Enter. You should see “Reset”.