How do I install StarUML?


How do I install StarUML?

How to install StarUML?

  1. There are some dependencies to be installed along with the StarUML package. Run the command sudo apt-get install -f in the CLI of the system which installs the packages.
  2. Click on the help button and you will see the documentation option.

How do I create a UML diagram on a Mac?

Open a blank drawing page and the libraries including shapes needed for creating UML Diagrams. On the File menu, point to New. -> Click Software, and then double click the icon of UML Model Diagram.

Is StarUML open source?

StarUML is an open source software modeling tool that supports the UML (Unified Modeling Language) framework for system and software modeling.

How do I open a UML file on a Mac?

How to open file with UML extension?

  1. Download and install MagicDraw.
  2. Verify the you have the latest version of MagicDraw.
  3. Assign MagicDraw to UML files.
  4. Check the UML for errors.

How do you run StarUML?

Full source codes of HelloWorld extension are available at

  1. Create an extension.
  2. Extension package layout.
  3. Create main. js.
  4. Application Context.
  5. Add a command.
  6. Add a menu item.
  7. Add a shortcut.
  8. Run and Debug.

Does Visual Paradigm work on Mac?

Instead of offering a simple UML drawing tool, Visual Paradigm offers a real UML modeling software and, best of all, it is Mac ready. A professional Mac UML tool that supports latest UML 2. x diagrams and notations. Connect UML drawing to BPMN, ERD, DFD, ArchiMate, MindMap, etc.

How do you draw a sequence diagram with Staruml?

To create a Sequence Diagram:

  1. Select first an element where a new Sequence Diagram to be contained as a child.
  2. Select Model | Add Diagram | Sequence Diagram in Menu Bar or select Add Diagram | Sequence Diagram in Context Menu.

How do I print SmartDraw without watermark?

All printouts and exports from the SmartDraw Trial Edition will have a watermark. To remove this watermark, you must purchase a license. Once the document is opened in the purchased version, the watermark will no longer be there.