How do I get Urag gro-Shub to tell me about the Elder Scroll?


How do I get Urag gro-Shub to tell me about the Elder Scroll?

Scroll Scouting

  1. Discover the location of the Elder Scroll (Dragon)
  2. Travel to the Mage College at Winterhold.
  3. Speak with Urag gro-Shub.
  4. Complete the quest Discerning the Transmundane until retrieving the Elder Scroll.

How many books do I need to find for Urag gro-Shub?

After finding the books at Fellglow Keep, Urag rewards the Dragonborn with six skill books: Racial Phylogeny, Daughter of the Niben, Catalogue of Weapon Enchantments, Response to Bero’s Speech, The Black Arts On Trial, and 2920, vol 09 – Hearth Fire.

What happens if you give the Elder Scroll to Urag?

After using the scroll during the quest Alduin’s Bane, it is possible to sell it to Urag gro-Shub at the College of Winterhold for 2,000 gold. With Dawnguard installed, the scroll is again required for the quest Unseen Visions.

How old is Urag gro-Shub?

Once again, however, magic appears to be able to give Orc mages longer lifespans, with Urag gro-Shub of the College of Winterhold implied to be over 600 years old.

Can Urag make you blood kin?

Urag can make you Blood-Kin with the Orcs (After completing the Fetch me that Book! quest) if you have not already earned this through other means.

Why won’t Urag gro-Shub talk to me?

Urag gro-Shub will sometimes lack the dialogue options required to continue Elder Knowledge. At other times he may not even talk to you, or not place all the books on the desk. This can be resolved by either going directly to Septimus Signus and speaking with him, or by finishing the College of Winterhold quests.

Can the Dragonborn Read Elder Scrolls?

The LDB is considered one of the ”Naifs”, they cannot gain knowledge by reading the Elder Scrolls, and as such, cannot go blind from ‘reading’ them. There’s a reason why we, the Last Dragonborn, are only able to read the Elder Scroll under specific circumstances (Time Wound + Surrounded by Ancestor Moths).

Can URAG make you blood kin?

What race lives the longest in Skyrim?

*Edit: I believe Altmer and Dunmer live longer than Bosmer and Orsimer, Altmer being the longest-lived of all the playable races. Elves live two to three times as long as humans and the “beast-races” (Orcs, Khajiiti, Argonians). A 200-year-old Elf is old; a 300-year-old Elf is very, very old indeed.