How do I get through Redwater Den?


How do I get through Redwater Den?

Search for a chain lever that permits access to the deeper parts of the den to finally reach Redwater Spring. Once you’re through the first iron door, watch out for pressure-sensitive tiles on the floor that spring spikey wall traps. Avoid these and continue through the next iron door to enter a large chamber.

Is there a quest for Redwater Den?

This location is available only if you have the Dawnguard DLC expansion pack. Redwater Den is located in southeastern Skyrim and leads to Redwater Spring, a mandatory area for the quest The Bloodstone Chalice.

How do you open the iron door in Redwater Springs?

Learn it and find it under Alteration magic. Use it to pull the Redwater Den Backrooms Key from the table close to the cell. When it drops to the floor, you can just pick it up. Use the key to open the door.

How do you make Redwater Skooma?

They can only be found in Redwater Den. Once the quest “The Bloodstone Chalice” has been completed, one Redwater Skooma will spawn behind the front desk approximately every week.

What is skooma?

Skooma is a fictional drug/beverage in the world of the computer role-playing game series The Elder Scrolls. It is a narcotic made from refined moon sugar. It is illegal and extremely addictive.

Can you make skooma in Skyrim?

Skooma cannot be made in an alchemy lab, but is manufactured out of Moon Sugar and Nightshade. All parts of this plant are poisonous but some contain an essence which enhances the potency of moon sugar. If improperly prepared, the Skooma user will experience loss of voice, minor fits, and possibly even death.

Can you become addicted to Skooma Skyrim?

Addiction. Once someone has become addicted to skooma, it is said there is no potion, blessing, or magical incantation that can cure them. In fact, is a common truism amongst the Khajiit that no such cure exists; that one who has become dependent upon it is forever made a hopeless slave to its allure.

Why do Khajiit like Skooma?

Because of the prevalence of moon sugar in Khajiiti culture, skooma addiction has proven to be a particular menace for Khajiit with a “sweet tooth”. However, the “sacred sugar” as it is also referred to, does have use in certain Khajiit ceremonies, where it is strictly controlled by the Moon Bishops.