How do I get better FPS in Fallout 4?


How do I get better FPS in Fallout 4?

15 best Fallout 4 performance mods to maximize FPS

  1. Insignificant Objects Remover. Download Mod.
  2. Great FPS Boost. Download Mod.
  3. FPS and Performance Fix. Download Mod.
  4. Faster Workshop (Workshop Lag Fix) Download Mod.
  5. Wasteland 512 Textures Reloaded. Download Mod.
  6. Upscale. Download Mod.
  7. Boston FPS Fix.
  8. Optimized Vanilla Textures.

How do I make Fallout 4 run at 60 fps?

How do I make Fallout 4 run at 60 fps?

  1. Right click on your Desktop.
  2. Click on Display Settings.
  3. Click on Display Adapter properties.
  4. On the Monitor tab, go to the Refresh Rate field.
  5. Select 60 Hz from the drop down list.
  6. Click Apply. …
  7. Select OK.

What causes FPS drop in Fallout 4?

Causes of Fallout 4 Low FPS Issue Vsync is designed to run games around 30fps. If any game supports high fps well, it creates issues. Furthermore, there is a graphics setting for God rays, and it is being said that if they are set to high, users experience lag and low FPS.

Why is Fallout 4 running so fast?

These issues can be caused by your video card outputting an excess of 60 frames per second, having mods, or your computer’s video card drivers being out of date which can result in the game moving too fast or too slow.

Why does my Fallout 4 keep crashing PC?

Change The Graphics Settings. The leading cause of any game’s crash is generally related to the video settings. In other words, the graphics settings of your Fallout 4 game. If you have a PC that matches the minimum system requirements, you will have to lower the graphics.

How to cap fps in Fallout 4?

Right click on your Desktop.

  • Click on Display Settings.
  • Click on Display Adapter properties.
  • On the Monitor tab,go to the Refresh Rate field.
  • Select 60 Hz from the drop down list.
  • Click Apply. You will be prompted to “Keep Changes” or “Revert.” Select “Keep Changes.”
  • Select OK.
  • Is Fallout 4 really that bad?

    Fallout 4 is a good game. The shooting is fun, the world is beautiful, and exploring the commonwealth is a blast. That being said, most of the characters and writing is shallow and one dimensional, and it’s hardly a RPG. Meaningful skills, perks, and choices are pretty much nonexistent.

    What are the problems with Fallout 4?

    Textures: Medium

  • Shadows: Low
  • Distance of Shadows: Medium
  • Layers Quantity: No layers
  • Illumination: Medium
  • Light Rays: Low
  • DOF: Standard
  • Ambiental Occlusion: HBAO+
  • Decals: Medium
  • SSR: On
  • How to increase frames in Fallout 4?

    so there are a couple tweaks you can do with shadows in the .ini files for Fallout 4 that drastically increase FPS without much if any at all visual loss,you can also install Hein84 or Hien87 can’t remember his name’s,Texture mods which increase performance and look better,they are part of the “Vivid”Fallout collection,it works well with Vivid Weathers