How do I get a certified copy of my divorce decree in Arizona?


How do I get a certified copy of my divorce decree in Arizona?

Contact your local police department. See the League of Arizona Cities and Towns for a local government directory. Contact the Clerk of the Superior Court for the county in which the divorce was filed in. Divorce decrees filed before 1950 may be held by the Arizona State Archives, depending on the county.

Are divorce records public in AZ?

Are Arizona Divorce Records Public Information? Yes. Arizona divorce records are generally considered court records and thus are open to public members. However, a judge may deem it fit to grant a petition to seal a divorce record in some cases.

How do I find marriage records in Maricopa County?

You may obtain a copy or certified copy of a marriage license at a Clerk’s Office location. Your request must include: The full legal names of both applicants prior to the marriage; the year the marriage took place; the marriage license number shown at the bottom of the marriage license certificate, if known.

Who is the clerk of the court for Maricopa County?

Jeff Fine
Jeff Fine. Jeff Fine was sworn in as the new Clerk of the Superior Court on January 9, 2019. He was elected to the position by voters of Maricopa County in November 2018 and he is the 11th person to serve as the Clerk.

Where can I get my divorce certificate in Arizona?

Members of the public can request and access Arizona Divorce Records through the County Clerk’s Office in the county where the divorce was finalized.

Where do I get divorce papers in Arizona?

Filing Divorce Papers in Arizona Usually, you’ll bring the papers in person to the court clerk’s office in the county where the petitioner lives. (Ariz.

Can I get married online in Arizona?

As a result of the coronavirus health emergency, the Clerk of the Superior Court for Maricopa County has made it possible to apply for a marriage license online. This reduces the need to come into the office in support of the CDC recommendation for social distancing.

How do I find the owner of a property in Maricopa County?

Maricopa County Public Records

  1. Maricopa Assessor. (602) 506-3406. Go to Data Online.
  2. Maricopa Recorder. (602) 506-3535. Go to Data Online.
  3. Maricopa Treasurer. (602) 506-8511. Go to Data Online.
  4. Maricopa Mapping / GIS. Go to Data Online.
  5. Maricopa NETR Mapping and GIS.