How do I find a literary agent for Young Adult Fiction?


How do I find a literary agent for Young Adult Fiction?

161 publishing agents for YA authors accept postal mail queries. 288 author representatives for YA writers accept queries via online website form. 613 book agents for YA authors are on Twitter. 162 publishing agents for YA writers are on Facebook.

What agents are looking for YA fantasy?

Here’s our list of literary agents now accepting submissions for YA and NA.

  • Christopher Schelling. Agency Link:
  • Suzie Townsend. Agency Link:
  • Joanna Volpe. Agency Link:
  • Kerry Sparks.
  • Russel Galen.
  • Jennifer Udden.
  • John Cusick.
  • Elana Roth Parker.

How do I submit a YA novel to an agent?

How to Submit Your Manuscript to an Agent in 6 Steps

  1. Polish your manuscript.
  2. Do background research.
  3. Network within your genre.
  4. Develop a strategy for contacting potential agents.
  5. Send query letters.
  6. Send manuscripts.

What kind of books are agents looking for?

In CBA adult fiction, Roose is looking for:

  • Women’s.
  • Romantic suspense.
  • Suspense/thriller.
  • Historical.
  • Romance.
  • Legal and family issues.

Is it hard to get a YA novel published?

There are many authors who have traditionally published debut YA novels of over 100K but agents will be cautious because such books will cost more to produce. If you are writing contemporary fiction then you definitely need to be under 80K — 55K would be a good benchmark.

Should you copyright your book before sending to an agent?

Should I copyright my book before I submit it to editors and agents? There is no need to copyright your book (with the U.S. Copyright Office) before submitting it.

Do I need to finish my book before finding an agent?

Generally, memoirs “work” the same way as novels in the publishing industry. So, yes. Finish your memoir before sending it to agents or editors.

What literary agents are looking for 2021?

22 Agents Seeking Novels in 2021. ‹ Back to blog. ‹ Back to blog.

  • Noah Ballard. Most Wanted: Literary fiction with noir voices and characters.
  • Amy Bishop. Most Wanted:
  • Ian Bonaparte. Most Wanted:
  • Hannah Brattesani. Most Wanted:
  • Rachel Brooks. Most Wanted:
  • Patrice Caldwell. Most Wanted:
  • Heather Carr. Most Wanted: