How do I create a welcome file in Web xml?


How do I create a welcome file in Web xml?

You need to put the JSP file in /index. jsp instead of in /WEB-INF/jsp/index. jsp . This way the whole servlet is superflous by the way….

  1. You have it in /WEB-INF/jsp/index.
  2. I tried to change it but still the same problem.
  3. Clean, rebuild, redeploy, restart.

What is welcome file tag?

The tag is used for specifying the files that needs to be invoked by server by default, if you do not specify a file name while loading the project on browser. For e.g. You have created a project named “MyServletProject” and you have few html pages and servlet classes defined in the project.

What should I write in Web xml?

xml file is located in the WEB-INF directory of your Web application. The first entry, under the root servlet element in web. xml, defines a name for the servlet and specifies the compiled class that executes the servlet. (Or, instead of specifying a servlet class, you can specify a JSP.)

How do I map a JSP file in Web xml?

jsp . If you want more control over how the JSP is mapped to a URL, you can specify the mapping explicitly by declaring it with a element in the deployment descriptor. Instead of a element, you specify a element with the path to the JSP file from the WAR root.

What is context param in web xml?

The “context-param” tag is define in “web. xml” file and it provides parameters to the entire web application. For example, store administrator’s email address in “context-param” parameter to send errors notification from our web application.

What is jsp index?

It’s a JSP which is named index . AFAIK, by default, the welcome files of a webapp include index.jsp. Which means that if you go to the URL the index. jsp located in the /foo/bar/ directory of the webapp will be executed.

What is web INF folder?

WEB-INF. This directory, which is contained within the Document Root, is invisible from the web container. It contains all resources needed to run the application, from Java classes, to JAR files and libraries, to other supporting files that the developer does not want a web user to access.

What is display name in web xml?

These are elements used within web. xml deployment descriptor files. The is optional and allows for a short name to be associated with the servlet which can be potentially read by GUI tools (such as a web browser) to literally display the name of the servlet to the client if that is required.

What is web xml explain it with code?

web. xml defines mappings between URL paths and the servlets that handle requests with those paths. The web server uses this configuration to identify the servlet to handle a given request and call the class method that corresponds to the request method.