How do I contact University of Leeds?


How do I contact University of Leeds?

Contact the student information service

  1. Call +44 (0)113 343 7000 (from outside of the UK)
  2. Call 0800 915 0402 (from inside the UK. This is a free phone number, and you won’t be charged for calling this from your mobile or landline)

Where is Leeds University in UK?

Leeds, West Yorkshire
Leeds, West Yorkshire is a lively and multicultural city in the center of the UK, with the University campus just a 10-minute walk from the city center….University of Leeds.

Year of establishment 1904
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Can you walk around Leeds Uni campus?

Everything is all on one campus, it’s really easy to get around and there are lots of places to meet friends. Leeds is a great place to live and our campus is only a short walk from the city centre.

How do I get into Leeds University?

Leeds Bradford Airport is around 12 kilometres from the centre of Leeds. As it is a small local airport, immigration queues will often be shorter than other airports. The University provides transport from Leeds Bradford Airport to campus for those travelling to Leeds for the first time.

How do I connect to University of Leeds WIFI?


  1. Make sure your wifi is turned on and open up the wifi networks. Tap on eduroam to connect.
  2. Enter your CatID username in the Identity field followed by Example: [email protected]. Scroll down to the password field, enter your passphrase, and choose Connect.

Is Leeds a city University?

Then, we have city-based campuses, like UCL or University of Leeds, where campuses, facilities and students are spread out across the city.

What county is Leeds?

West Yorkshire
Leeds, urban area (from 2011 built-up area), city, and metropolitan borough, metropolitan county of West Yorkshire, historic county of Yorkshire, northern England.

Is Leeds Russell Group?

The Russell Group of universities was formed in 1994 by 17 British research universities – Birmingham, Bristol, Cambridge, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Imperial College London, Leeds, Liverpool, London School of Economics, Manchester, Newcastle, Nottingham, Oxford, Sheffield, Southampton, University College London and Warwick.

Is Leeds a City University?

How can I go to Leeds from India?

The cheapest way to get from India to Leeds is to fly and train which costs ₹28,000 – ₹55,000 and takes 16h 39m. What is the fastest way to get from India to Leeds? The quickest way to get from India to Leeds is to fly which costs ₹38,000 – ₹1,30,000 and takes 15h 19m.

How do I contact the University of Leeds?

As such, please use e-mail as your main mode of contact. If you have sent anything via the post please ensure that a copy is also sent to the recipient by e-mail otherwise there may be a delay in responding to your matter. Please address correspondence to The Secretariat, University of Leeds, E C Stoner Building 11.72, Leeds LS2 9JT, UK.

What is the address of Leeds Metropolitan University?

The address of Leeds Metropolitan University is Woodhouse Ln, Leeds LS1 3HE, United Kingdom. The contact number of Leeds Metropolitan University is +44 113 812 0000.

What are the opening hours of the University of Leeds immigration office?

Opening hours: 9am – 4pm Monday – Friday Description: We provide arrival and orientation services to help you have a great start at Leeds. We can also help with questions related to preparing, arriving and settling in, and other enquiries related to being a student from outside the UK.

How do I contact the University support team?

For the University switchboard, library, IT help desk, press office and other central teams, please visit the University level ‘ Contact us ’ page.