How do I check Exim logs?


How do I check Exim logs?

Exim logs

  1. /var/log/exim_mainlog is Exim’s primary log. Every email processed by Exim is logged here.
  2. /var/log/exim_rejectlog contains information about emails that were rejected because of a policy.
  3. /var/log/exim_paniclog logs errors related to Exim itself.

What is Exim log?

Exim writes three different logs, referred to as the main log, the reject log, and the panic log: The main log records the arrival of each message and each delivery in a single line in each case. Then, if the message’s header has been read at the time the log is written, its contents are written to this log.

How do you troubleshoot Exim?

Troubleshooting your Exim Server

  1. Check the Exim logs. First off, the first thing any sysadmin should do when looking for what is causing headaches is to look in the log folder, usually under /var/log .
  2. Check the queue.
  3. Removing frozen messages from the queue.

What is the location of cPanel’s error log?

All cPanel logs are located in the /usr/local/cpanel/logs directory. This access_log contains all traffic to WHM, cPanel, and webmail over http. This error_log contains all errors that occur when accessing a cPanel related site over http or https.

What is var log Exim_mainlog?

/var/log/exim_rejectlog. exim_mainlog: This logs tracks every single mail transaction that your server handles. This is the go-to log when troubleshooting all e-mail delivery problems.

What is Exim command?

In UNIX system, the message transfer agent used (MTA) is Exim. Under the terms of GNU General Public License, the Exim is freely available. Exim is used for locating the spam activity on the servers. Using the Exim command, we can route the mail and facilities for checking incoming mail.

Which log file include all message related to the mail server?

The main log file a) /var/log/messages – Contains global system messages, including the messages that are logged during system startup. There are several things that are logged in /var/log/messages including mail, cron, daemon, kern, auth, etc.

How do I clear exim queue?

Exim Remove All messages From the Mail Queue

  1. To print a list of the messages in the queue, enter: # exim -bp.
  2. To remove a message from the queue, enter: # exim -Mrm {message-id}
  3. To remove all messages from the queue, enter: # exim -bp | awk ‘/^ *[0-9]+[mhd]/{print “exim -Mrm ” $3}’ | bash.

Who uses exim?

Exim 4 is currently the default MTA on Debian Linux systems. Many Exim installations exist, especially within Internet service providers and universities in the United Kingdom. Exim is also widely used with the GNU Mailman mailing list manager, and cPanel.

What does Hadiscard mean?

HADISCARD. A shadow message was discarded after the primary copy was delivered to the next hop.