How do I backup a SharePoint site using PowerShell?


How do I backup a SharePoint site using PowerShell?

How To Backup Sharepoint Data and Site Collections Using PowerShell

  1. Run Windows PowerShell Install-Module SharePointPnPPowerShellOnline.
  2. You will be asked to confirm the installation from an untrusted repository. Type “A” to proceed.
  3. The installation process will start.

How do I restore a backup in SharePoint 2010?

Select All Programs on the Start menu, click Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Products, and choose SharePoint 2010 Central Administration. Select Backup and Restore in the Quick Launch toolbar. Select the Perform a backup option in the Farm Backup and Restore section.

How do I restore a SharePoint backup?

In Central Administration, on the home page, in the Backup and Restore section, click Restore from a backup. On the Restore from Backup — Step 1 of 3: Select Backup to Restore page, from the list of backups, select the backup job that contains the content database backup, and then click Next.

Can SharePoint send email?

SharePoint never sends email directly. The emails are relayed through the SMTP (Exchange) server configured in Central Administration.

How do I email a document from SharePoint?

Attach to an email message Click the Insert Attachment and then navigate your SharePoint environment to find the file(s) you wish to attach to your email. Once located, select the file(s) and click the Insert button to proceed. The file(s) will then be downloaded from SharePoint and attached to your new email message.

How do I backup my SharePoint to OneDrive?

How to back up SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business?

  1. First, download Backup for Office 365 (it includes a 30-day free trial version).
  2. Next, on the Jobs tab, create a new SharePoint backup job.
  3. It will start an easy-to-use wizard.
  4. The best part is that your data can be accessed and restored at any time.