How do I apostille my birth certificate in Georgia?


How do I apostille my birth certificate in Georgia?

Additional certified copies can be obtained from the Georgia Department of Community Health (404-679-4702, or the Probate Court or Health Department. Some vital records can be ordered online at The documents must be submitted to the GSCCCA for the apostille.

Where can I get my documents apostille in Georgia?

– the Georgia Superior Court Clerks’ Cooperative Authority is the sole office able to issue apostilles in Georgia. 2) The Georgia Secretary of State, on the other hand is the competent authority if you need authentication for consular or embassy legalization.

How do I authenticate a birth certificate in Georgia?

You can request the certification with the Secretary of State by mail or in person. Submit the original notarized or certified document, contact information, and the foreign country in which the certification will be used, and the state will issue the certification. The statutory fee is $10 per authentication.

How do I get an apostille stamp on my birth certificate USA?

In order to apostille your certificate, you must mail in the original or a certified copy issued by the County Clerk or State to our office for processing. Birth certificates can only be authenticated from the State of issue.

What is Apostille certificate?

An apostille is a certificate that verifies that the stamp, seal or signature on the document is official. The type of legalisation or apostille will vary depending on whether the requesting country is a member of the Hague Convention.

How do I authenticate a birth certificate in USA?

Obtained a Certified Copy of the US Birth Certificate….You will need to:

  1. Visit the website of the US State Department and navigate to the section on Requesting Authentication Services.
  2. Fill out the DS-4194 form with your personal information and remember to specify the country it is going to be presented at.

What do you mean by apostille?

An Apostille is a type of attestation in which documents are legalised in a particular format that is acceptable in all nations that belong to the Hague Convention. Essentially, Apostille is an international attestation that is acceptable in about 92 countries, and most of the western world recognises Apostille.