How do Elena and Eugene know each other?


How do Elena and Eugene know each other?

How do Elena and Eugene know each other? Elena knows Eugene from watching him while sitting on her fire escape. She then meets up with him on the way home from school one day.

What is the purpose of a quilt of a country?

Anna Quindlen’s purpose is to help us to realize that the US as a whole, even though we are many different cultures and religions, we manage to find common ground as a whole. Quilt of A country talks a bout different conflicting cultures, yet we easily deal with one another on a daily basis.

What are America’s two defining ideals that are often in conflict?

The two “defining ideals” that are often in conflict in America are community and individualism.

Why is Quindlen reluctant to define anything remotely?

In the text, Quindlen refuses to define anything remotely resembling a national character in America. This is because she believes America cannot be defined in these terms. America is a country that was born out of a combination of people from many different nations and cultures. It is a “mongrel” of a nation.

What does Quindlen suggest by using the words conundrum conflict and divide when talking about how successfully the United States lives up to its ideals How do these words reinforce the author’s tone toward her subject?

In this paragraph, Quindlen uses the words conundrum, conflict, and divide to refer to the history of America as one that has always been confusing and difficult. However, her purpose is to defend the idea that, though confusing and difficult, America still lives up to its ideals.

What qualities does Quindlen propose are essentially American explain?

What qualities does she propose are essentially American? “One quality she purposes as essentially American is the belief in rewarding, difficult work that allows one to ‘get ahead. ‘” At the end of paragraph 3, Quindlen says, “You know the answer.” Explain what that answer is.

How does the narrator first become aware of Eugene?

The narrator first become aware of Eugene when his family sat on the kitchen table and read books for hours. Because he always sat at the kitchen table and read books for hours. Why does the narrator first like Eugene even before she meets him? According to Elena’s mother, Elena seems to like starring at Eugene.

What is Quindlen’s argument?

Quindlen’s argument is that if standardized testing is to be used, it should at least be interesting and more importantly, such testing should not edit works of literature to the point at which significant meaning is lost. Actually, she is arguing that literature should not be edited at all.

What is the claim of a quilt of a country?

America is often described as a melting pot because people from many different cultures live there. ”A Quilt of a Country” argues that no other country in the world is as diverse as America.

What idea does the Daniel Boorstin quotation in lines 4 6 support?

What idea does the Daniel Boorstin quotation support? this quotation supports the idea of America being built with bits and pieces of a variety of cultures.

Which statement best summarizes the central idea of this excerpt a quilt of a country?

Answer: After reading this excerpt from A Quilt of a Country, I would say that the excerpt that best summarizes the central idea is the second one: The high number of horrors committed in our diverse nation makes it difficult to believe in a united people.