How can I connect my PC to BSNL WiFi?


How can I connect my PC to BSNL WiFi?

Configuration Steps To Make BSNL Secure WiFi Network

  1. Open a web browser on your PC or Laptop.
  2. Type 192.168.
  3. You will get a prompt asking to enter BSNL broadband modem username and password.
  4. Enter both username and password as “admin” or your modified password and hit on Login.

Why my laptop is not connecting to BSNL WiFi?

Also check if the data lights on your home router is blinking or not. Step 3: If the Data light is blinking – but you are still not able to connect to the internet, that means some of the network setting has been refreshed and you need to reconfigure the BSNL ONT. Step 5: Disconnect and restart your home router.

Can we use BSNL modem to connect other networks?

Type username and password as admin. That’s all you have to do. Now connect the LAN cable between modem no 1 and modem no 2 and you are ready to go. Connect your smartphone, tablet or Laptop/PC with wifi and start browsing.

How can I connect BSNL mobile modem?

Turn On WLAN/Wi-Fi in mobile handset and select BSNL 4G Plus SSID. Choose EAP method as “SIM” authentication and select BSNL SIM slot. Click on Connect and it gets connected after successful authentication.

Can I use BSNL modem as WiFi extender?

Probably not. It will work for other ADSL connections like MTNL if you tweak about with the settings on its web page (probably 192.168. 0.1, you can get it if you type ipconfig in the DOS prompt.) ADSL implies you have a phone wire sticking into your modem.

How can I use BSNL WiFi hotspot as repeater?

Connect a rj45 cable(maximum length 100 meters) from Lan 1 to your new WIFI router in a new area ( say 3rd floor) and increase the range. REPEATER mode : Both above should connect in wifi mode without any cable connection.

Why BSNL broadband is showing no internet?

Method 1 – Reboot your Router Adapter & Device In that case first you need to reboot our router which means you simply have to turn off it and then turn it on the same way. But at the same time ensure the device you are using the wifi on should also be restarted once so that there is no issue going forward.

How can I fix my BSNL modem?

Restart / reboot PC, and wait until all applications have loaded before reconnecting. Check all modem, phone cables and filters. If error 619 persists – uninstall and reinstall your BSNL Broadband Modem.

What is BSNL modem password?

STEP 1: Log into BSNL broadband modem By default, username and password are admin. Generally, the default username and password of a modem or router are written on its back panel. After putting username and password you will be redirected to the modem configuration page.