How big is a 360p YouTube video?


How big is a 360p YouTube video?

Streaming videos from YouTube on the go can chew up your data allowance very quickly

Video Quality 144p 360p
Per minute 1.3MB 5MB
Per hour 80MB 300MB

What size is 360p?


Standard Class Resolution
NTSC widescreen 240p 426×240
CIF, SIF (625) 288p 384×288
PSP 272p 480×272
360p 360p 480×360

How many GB is 360p?

360p—300MB of data. 480p—500MB of data. 720p—1.5GB of data.

Is 360p good quality on YouTube?

Videos are encoded at 360p by default, but you can change this setting to 720p or 1080p if your computer is fast enough to handle it. For best results, YouTube recommends uploading videos at 720p or 1080p quality.

What does 360p mean in YouTube?

YouTube 360p Videos have a height of 360 px and width of 640 px for an aspect ratio of 16:9. 360p YouTube videos are low resolution videos that are displayed when the upload quality is low or the streaming speed cannot support higher quality videos.

What does 360p streaming mean?

Video streaming quality is based on your video screen resolution. For example, a video in 360p has a video screen resolution of 480 × 360 pixels and is made up of 360 lines stacked one on top of another from top to bottom, with each line being 480 pixels wide.

Does 360p use data?

Watching videos in 360p for an hour will use only 60 megabytes of data. But watching videos in 4k for an hour might use 2.7GB of data on your plan or more if you’re watching on a higher frame rate.

Why is YouTube auto 360p?

YouTube automatically changes the video resolution according to the player size (as mentioned in the setting) so if you’re not watching a video in full-screen, the resolution might be set to 480p. Switch to full-screen and it’s HD. Thanks.

What does 144p mean in YouTube?

But what is the exact definition of it? I know the definition of wikipedia : 2160p=3840×2160 1440p=2560×1440 1080p=1920×1080 720p=1280×720 480p=640×480 360p=480×360 240p=426×240 144p=256×144.