Hints on Writing a Comparative Essay


The comparative essays have become more popular than ever due to various reasons. One of the biggest factors of that success is the fact that the comparative essays require the writer to do an analysis of two sides. That means that prior to writing you have to research both of them, which means that you will learn a lot of new information on them. Teachers try to use this fact in their favor, as they try to pick two sides that are studied in the class so that the students can learn about that on their own by doing research. Moreover, as the students are doing their research, they are developing their own feelings towards both of the sides. That will help them in the future when writing the reflective essays, as they require some reviewing skills. Yet, some students still struggle with this type of writing. Therefore, they tend to go online and look for help there. However, there is almost no information on how to write such type of essays. So, the students need a new source of information, which this article is. Here are some ideas on what to do to get the best comparative essay.

  1. Research both topics

It is crucial to have as much information on both sides as you can. When writing the body of the text it will allow you to write the best paragraphs on both of the sides. Moreover, the information you will find might be useful in your everyday life in the general talks with your friends or family. To take it even further, your research will improve your searching skills, which will surely help you a lot in the future. Make sure that you have enough information on both of the sides because the lack of information towards one side might make your opinion biased. Therefore, do not make any conclusions unless you have a full picture of the situation.

  1. Start with a nice thesis

The following thing you will surely want to have at its best is the thesis statement. You should already know that it is one of the most important parts of any kind of text. Yet, in the comparative essays it might not be as important as in the reflective essays, but at the same time, it looks different, as you have to cover two sides. The next thing you have to worry about while writing a comparative analysis thesis is the size problem. Many authors are used to nailing the thesis size rule in a normal essay, but for the comparative essays, the things get different, as you have to talk on two topics now. Therefore, make sure that you are in control of the number of words you use in your first paragraphs. Make sure to add some explanation to your thesis, so that the reader understands what you are trying to put into those couple of small sentences.

  1. Concentrate on the body

The middle part of your text is crucial in this type of writing, as it requires you to not just describe two different things. What you have to concentrate on here is to talk about them from yourself as well as compare the facts and tell what is different and what are the similarities. The result of all of these factors will show how good your text is. Remember not to get too biased on any of the topics, as that will surely lead to a failure, try to always keep that in your mind. To make your text better try to add some interesting facts that would attract the new readers to the text. Also, you can add some statistical information that would go along with your thoughts on both of the sides.

  1. Conclude everything that you said before

This part is surely not as important as the body of your text, because it is not something that is finalized. The reason behind this thought is simple – if something is not a fact it has yet to be changed. Anyway, try to do your best at writing this part of the article. Mix your own feelings with the facts and try to see if you can get an opinion on what side is better. Sometimes it might not be that important what is better, as you just need to do a comparison. In such cases, just do your best at the body of the text and add some extra opinion in the conclusion, just to have one.