Does Waimea Bay have waves?


Does Waimea Bay have waves?

Waimea Bay is a spectator-friendly big wave surfing spot. When the surf’s up at Waimea Bay, fans and media professionals can easily witness and capture the intensity of the breaking waves from a close distance. During high surf warnings, waves might roll past the rocks and boulders and reach the roadside above.

Why are the waves so big at Waimea Bay?

At Waimea Bay, ocean swells reaching shore sometimes crest and break at heights of 10 meters or more. This is partly due to the bottom contour at Waimea Bay, where the ocean floor rises abruptly, and deep-water swells change rapidly to steep-crested waves when they move into the shallow area (SF Fig.

Can you snorkel at Waimea Bay?

Snorkeling Waimea Bay is a seasonal undertaking. Waimea Bay is a very famous surfing beach, and in the winter there can be 20-40 foot waves pounding this shore. The snorkeling is decent around the rocks on either side of the bay, though a bit exposed.

How big are the waves at Waimea Bay right now?

Current Surf Report for Waimea Bay Current Conditions

High 1:18AM 1.51ft
Low 7:04AM -0.1ft
High 1:54PM 0.89ft
Low 6:23PM 0ft

How big are the waves at Waimea Bay?

Waimea Bay is one of the most famous big wave surf sites in the world. Waves breaking on the north point of the bay often reach heights of 25 feet, attracting many of the best riders in the international surfing community.

How deep is the water at Waimea Bay?

about 30 feet deep
Water Entrance Snorkeling Waimea Bay is primarily from either end of the beach. The center has a sandy bottom that is about 30 feet deep, and sometimes the dolphins are there, so avoid snorkeling this area. Walk to the end of the beach you intend to snorkel and enter in bare feet.

Is it safe to swim in Waimea Bay?

Waimea Bay in the north shore of Oahu is a fantastic place to enjoy a beach day here and it is also a family friendly and a relatively safe beach swim at during the late spring to early fall timeframe when the water is calm on the beach.