Does the Onyx Plus have a remote?


Does the Onyx Plus have a remote?

I bought an Onyx Plus radio with vehicle kit to install in our truck camper. The vehicle kit doesn’t include a remote so I thought I’d have to order a home kit as well, then I spotted this. It works fine and was cheaper than the full home kit.

Does SiriusXM Onyx have Bluetooth?

Listen to SiriusXM Radio at home via Bluetooth with this bundle. The bundle includes the new SiriusXM Onyx EZR Receiver with Bluetooth Dock and home accessories. Simply install the indoor/outdoor antenna, connect the power, and setup the Bluetooth dock to transmit to your home stereo and you are all set.

Does Sirius Onyx have FM transmitter?

A: No. There is an embedded FM transmitter in the satellite radio.

Does SiriusXM work with Bluetooth?

You can add the SiriusXM app to your smartphone and stream to your stereo via Bluetooth. If your stereo does not have built-in Bluetooth, you can add it with a $25 Bluetooth receiver. There is no extra cost to use the app, and it works in your car, too.

How do I connect my Sirius radio to my car without aux?

Use your FM Direct Adapter If your car radio does not have an “AUX IN” or “LINE IN” jack, the SiriusXM FM Direct Adapter provides a wired connection between your radio and your car radio.

How do I use XM Onyx Plus?

  1. 1 Pick a Spot for Your Radio.
  2. 3 Connect the Audio to Your Vehicle’s Stereo.
  3. 4 Finish the Installation and Power On.
  4. 2 Mount the Magnetic Mount Antenna.
  5. 5 PowerConnect.
  6. Find an Available FM Channel in Your Area.
  7. Tune your Vehicle’s FM Radio.
  8. Set Your Onyx Plus to Transmit on the Same FM Channel.

How do I set up Sirius Onyx?

How do you tune a Sirius radio to an FM station?

Turn on your SIRIUS radio. Press and hold the MENU button to access the FM channel number list on your SIRIUS radio. Tune to the channel that matches the SIRIUS preset on your vehicle radio. Refer to the Menu Options/FM Transmitter section of this manual for more detailed instructions on how to do this.