Does Shen Yun offer discounts?


Does Shen Yun offer discounts?

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What is the dress code for a Shen Yun show?

Patrons should wear evening or business attire to the event. It can be a tuxedo or evening gown, or a suit or jacket and tie. We recommend wearing something that allows you to look and feel your best.

Are Shen Yun performers paid?

Profits from Shen Yun shows go towards maintaining the academy. The dance companies also, unusually, have a mixture of paid and unpaid performers, according to Hazlitt.

How long is Shen Yun?

roughly two hours
A Shen Yun performance is roughly two hours, plus intermission. There are about 15 short dance pieces in each performance, which offer variety in terms of both pacing and style.

How many hours is Shen Yun show?

Is Shen Yun boring?

Despite the orchestra’s beautiful sound, the Shen Yun performance was very hokey and boring. Backdrops were juvenile and rinky dink, felt like a romper room performance. All of the dances were the same and not impressive at all. We expected a much better show, especially considering the cost.

How long does the Shen Yun show last?

two hours
A typical Shen Yun show, or performance, is two hours long, plus an intermission. Be sure to arrive early enough to check your coat if you’d like, find your seat, and avoid the stresses of a last-minute arrival. Most theaters recommend arriving at least 30 minutes beforehand.

How does Shen Yun have so much money?

Shen Yun exists for its mission of cultural preservation and renewal, and so, as a non-profit, all proceeds of ticket sales and merchandise are reinvested into the company to support its continued operations and growth—which, as anyone familiar with the company might imagine, are sizable.

Is there an age limit for Shen Yun?

Persons 18 and older: Patrons will be required to show ID and furnish proof of full vaccination (two weeks after the final dose) against COVID-19 or provide a negative PCR test administered within 2 days of the event or a negative antigen test administered within 1 day of the event.