Does a wet room need tanking?


Does a wet room need tanking?

Tanking is the most important part of any wet room installation and it’s crucial that high-quality waterproofing products and systems are used to ensure optimum performance and longevity.

How do you waterproof a wet room floor?

Making a wet room waterproof

  1. Ensure surfaces are flat and smooth.
  2. Apply the first coat of primer.
  3. Leave the primer to dry.
  4. Apply the second coat of primer.
  5. Apply waterproof tape.
  6. Tape the joists between the floor.
  7. Seal around the drain.
  8. Ensure the tape is securely stuck.

What is a tanking kit?

Essentially it is a waterproof barrier system to protect sensitive substrates in tiled areas such as showers, bathrooms and wet-rooms. The kit consists of a: surface primer. grey flexible waterproof coating. super strong polyester matting to reinforce seams in joints around wall floor junctions.

How do you damp proof a bathroom?

How to avoid damp in the bathroom

  1. Open a window. Opening a window is the easiest solution to allow the humid air to escape, replacing it with fresh, dry air instead.
  2. Wipe the surfaces dry.
  3. Keep the room warm.
  4. Use an extractor fan.

What does a tanking kit do?

Waterproofing your entire bathroom – or tanking, as it’s sometimes referred to – will create a barrier between the top layer and the wall, keeping water away. This also means that water will be unable to escape downwards, stopping any leaks through the ceilings of the rooms below your bathroom.

Do you need to tank cement board?

Once HardieBacker has been installed in a wet room you will need to tank the area to ensure the room is fully waterproof. Various methods, such as a liquid membrane (BAL Waterproof Plus Kit, Laticrete Hydro Han) or a matting system (Topps Waterproof Matting) can be used and should be applied before tiling.

Can you plaster over tanking?

Can NO MORE DAMP Tanking Slurry be plastered over? NO MORE DAMP Renovation plaster can be used directly on top of NO MORE DAMP Tanking Slurry, but to improve adhesion we recommend first applying NO MORE DAMP SBR Latex as a bonding compound.