Do people still say the struggle is real?


Do people still say the struggle is real?

The struggle is real is a phrase used to describe a small, everyday frustrating situation or setback, similar to the complaint of first-world problems. Its origin, however, is much more serious.

Is Struggle real?

the struggle is real A phrase used to emphasize that a particular situation (or life in general) is difficult. It is often used humorously and/or ironically when one is having difficulty doing something that should not be difficult or complaining about something that is not particularly problematic.

Where does struggle come from?

Alternative etymology derives the base of struggle from Old Norse strúgr (“arrogance, pride, spitefulness, ill-will”) + -le (frequentative suffix), from Proto-Germanic *strūkaz (“stiff, rigid”), ultimately from the same Proto-Indo-European root above, which would make it cognate with dialectal Swedish strug (“ …

What is called struggle?

1 : to make strenuous or violent efforts in the face of difficulties or opposition struggling with the problem. 2 : to proceed with difficulty or with great effort struggled through the high grass struggling to make a living. struggle. noun. Definition of struggle (Entry 2 of 2)

When to say the struggle is real?

The struggle is real is a phrase that describes when a person is annoyed or having a difficult time doing something. It can be used seriously when you are really struggling or in jest to mock your own or another person’s perceived struggle. The phrase often appears on social media where there is a lot lame complaining.

What does its real mean?

1 existing or occurring in the physical world; not imaginary, fictitious, or theoretical; actual.

What is the struggle of the main character?

The struggle between the protagonist and the antagonist is called the conflict.

What is the noun form of struggle?

Strife, contention, great effort.

Who is a struggler?

Definitions of struggler. a person who struggles with difficulties or with great effort.

What is the opposite of struggle?

Near Antonyms for struggle. break, ease (up), let up, slacken.

What does the saying keep it real mean?

1. To remain honest, genuine, and authentic; to be true to oneself. He has become a huge star in a very short space of time, but you can tell that he still keeps it real. Kids are smart, so they’ll know when you’re not keeping it real.

What does real mean in slang?

The real, in the phrase, is slang for “excellent” or “authentic,” dating back to at least the late 1940s. The real also sums up, upon leaving and often accompanied by a handshake or other gesture, some time spent with a person was memorable in some way—good or bad.