Do I need a box spring with a platform bed?


Do I need a box spring with a platform bed?

A platform bed is a low profile bed frame with a sturdy base (either solid, metal, or slatted) that holds the mattress up. What makes a platform bed unique is that it doesn’t require a box spring. So, once you buy it, it’s ready to use — no need to purchase any extra accessories.

What is the size of a platform king bed?

76″W x 80″L
— Standard King platform beds fit 76″W x 80″L mattresses (Also called Eastern King). When you think of a dream bed, you most likely envision a large queen or king size. Platform beds are sophisticated, sturdy, and (depending on your style) classic or modern in design.

What is the difference between a bed frame and a platform?

A platform bed is a type of bed frame that supports your mattress without the need for a box spring. Unlike traditional bed frames, platform beds are closer to the ground, and typically lift your bed about 12 inches off the ground.

Can any mattress go on a platform frame?

Mattress Type: Most mattresses will work well on a platform bed, but some really benefit from the use of this type of foundation. All-foam, latex, and hybrid models typically benefit from the support.

How high off the floor is a platform bed?

18 inches
With a mattress included, platform beds are typically 18 inches off the ground. Because of their aesthetic, modern appeal, these beds have gained popularity, but since they are so low to the ground your storage options are limited.

Will a Cal King fit on a king frame?

A standard King-sized bed is four inches shorter and four inches wider than a standard California King bed. Therefore, Cal King sheets will not fit a King bed. You will need to shop for king-size sheets separately.

Do platform beds hurt your back?

Since they are close to the ground, platform beds are very stable. The solid surface provides firm support for your mattress to maintain a great night’s sleep, which is better for maintaining posture during sleep. Also, platform beds are highly recommended for people that are dealing with back pain.

How far off the ground is a platform bed?