Did the Iridocyclitis kid win?


Did the Iridocyclitis kid win?

He may not have won the trophy, but Dev Jaiswal definitely won the Internet. The 13-year-old was done in by “iridocyclitis,” an inflammation of the eye (the word, not the condition).

How do you spell Iridosiklitis?

Iridocyclitis is an inflammation of the iris (the colored part of the eye) and of the ciliary body (muscles and tissue involved in focusing the eye). Inflammation of iris alone is called anterior uvetitis or iritis.

Where is the Iridocyclitis kid now?

Today he’s readying for his senior year at a specialized school in Mississippi, but still manages to get out to the Spelling Bee every single year. Jaiswal’s meme affiliation never really gets brought up on his social media accounts, but his Instagram is public.

Why does Iridocyclitis mean?

Iridocyclitis occurs when both the iris and ciliary body become inflamed. This can happen due to an injury, infection, a related condition such as arthritis, or for no apparent reason. Iridocyclitis can make eyes red, painful, and sensitive to light.

What is Irridociclitis?

: inflammation of the iris and the ciliary body.

What does Iridocyclitis mean?

Iridocyclitis (ear-ih-doh-sy-CLY-tis) is inflammation of the iris and ciliary body, structures in the middle layer of the eye (uvea).

Why is spelling bee a thing?

Spelling bees became widespread across the United States during the 1800s, as a way to motivate students to learn standardized spelling. These spelling bees were usually held within individual schools and towns, and were not nationally organized.

Is spell bee good?

The valuable learning outcome of spelling bee results in the children gaining competency over vocabulary and this allows them to excel at reading and writing. The ability to understand more words will allow your children to become literate and enjoy reading an extensive range of material.