Did the Grateful Dead ever play on Halloween?


Did the Grateful Dead ever play on Halloween?

The vast majority of the acts provided no interest whatsoever to me, but as I glanced down the list, lo and behold, the Grateful Dead were performing for several nights, over Halloween no less.

When did the Grateful Dead play in London?

48 years ago tonight, the Grateful Dead closed out their infamous Europe ’72 Tour with the final show as part of a four-night run at the Lyceum Theatre in London on May 23rd-26th, 1972. It was during the tour’s final show when the band performed a pair of songs in “Truckin'”…

How many times did the Grateful Dead play on Halloween?

The Dead played on Halloween 13 times, and 9 of them exist on tape. They weren’t all winners musically—in fact, I’d say the batting average is fairly low—but you can bet that the folks who were there still had a blast.

Where did the Grateful Dead live in Marin County?

Rancho Olompali
Rancho Olompali (Olompali State Park) One of the most musically significant sites in Marin County for a number of reasons. The Grateful Dead’s stay at Rancho Olompali (3 miles north of Novato) in 1966 was the seed for the summer of love in San Francisco the following year.

Did the Grateful Dead ever play in the UK?

The Grateful Dead first played in England at the Hollywood Festival in May 1970 and last at Wembley Arena in autumn 1990 with very few visits between.

Did the Grateful Dead tour UK?

Steppin’ Out with the Grateful Dead: England ’72 is a live box set from the Grateful Dead that collects performances from seven of their eight shows in England during their spring 1972 tour of Europe (their first tour of the UK and continental Europe). The band visited England three times on the tour.

Where did Jerry Garcia live in Marin?

Stinson Beach
Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Jerry Garcia’s house at 18 Ave Farralone, Stinson Beach in Marin County is for sale again, asking $4.35 million, down a bit from its previous listing asking nearly $4.6 million last June.

What is Marin County famous for?

Marin County’s natural sites include the Muir Woods redwood forest, the Marin Headlands, Stinson Beach, the Point Reyes National Seashore, and Mount Tamalpais. The United States’ oldest cross country running event, the Dipsea Race, takes place annually in Marin County, attracting thousands of athletes.

Where did Bob Weir meet his wife?

Weir made her acquaintance through Mickey Hart, who dated her briefly. He met her following her first Grateful Dead show in New York in 1968. Her real name at that time was Frankie Azzara (from a previous marriage), but used the stage name “Frankie Hart” (after apparently “borrowing” Hart’s last name).

Where did Jerry Garcia live in Mill Valley?

With its hand-hewn redwood roof, turret and peaked roof, 347 Melrose Avenue in Mill Valley has been dubbed the “Hobbit Cottage,” the “Hansel and Gretel Cottage” and the “Elf Cottage” by those in its wooded neighborhood.

Did Jerry Garcia live in Mill Valley?

Garcias led way The rest of the band followed, living in Stinson Beach, a Novato Ranch, Mill Valley and other groovy Marin enclaves.