Can Zoro beat an Admiral?


Can Zoro beat an Admiral?

Having just defeated Kaido’s right-hand man, Zoro is undoubtedly at an Admiral level or potentially higher. While impressive, there’s almost no scenario in which Fujitora beats an Advanced Conqueror’s Haki-wielding Zoro.

Is momonga strong one piece?

Momonga is a perceptive man and was able to figure out how to avoid Boa Hancock’s attack. Momonga’s physical strength is also admirable as he was able to kill Sea King without any difficulty. Momonga can use at least a few of the Rokushiki techniques. He is also able to use two types of Haki.

Can Tashigi beat Zoro?

6 Can Defeat: Tashigi Zoro x Tashigi is a ship hyped up by many fans, Zoro vs Tashigi, however, is not. Huge props to Tashigi for becoming a captain and learning rudimentary Haki relatively quickly, but she is just not on the same league as Zoro; their capabilities are worlds apart.

Can Zoro beat smoker?

Considering Zoro’s proficiency as a swordsman and combining it with his mastery of Armament Haki, he would very easily beat Smoker.

Is Zoro warlord level?

Yes. He is more than qualified to be a warlord.

Who is second in command in the Straw Hat Pirates?

The First Mate
The First Mate is the second-in-command of the pirate crew. He or she usually oversees the work of the other crew members, and answers only to the Captain. Despite never being stated as such in the story, Roronoa Zoro is unofficially thought of as the First Mate of the Straw Hats.

What rank is Tashigi?

Tashigi (たしぎ, Tashigi) is a Navy officer serving under Chaser Smoker in the base of G-5. She was originally introduced as a Sergeant, or Sergeant-Major in Roguetown until she got promoted to the rank of Ensign, due to the Alabasta events. During the timeskip, she is promoted to the post of Captain.

Can momonga beat Luffy?

6 Can Defeat: Momonga He is indeed strong, but not strong enough to compete with the current rejuvenated Luffy.

Is momonga admiral level?

As a vice admiral within the marines, Momonga has respectable abilities in both mind and body.

How is pica defeated?

Declaring that Doflamingo was the only king deserving to rule Dressrosa, he then left Zoro and inhabited the statue, making his way towards the Old King’s Plateau with the intent to kill King Riku and everyone else on the plateau. Zoro defeats Pica.