Can you write on Correx?


Can you write on Correx?

However, the surface of correx isn’t classed as ‘dry wipe’ and wouldn’t be recommended for that use, as pen marks would remain.

What is a Correx sign?

Correx is a durable, corrugated plastic weatherproof material ideally suited as outdoor temporary signs. Perfect for builders boards, site boards, estate agents signs & much more.

Is Correx easy to cut?

Yes, Correx can easily be cut into a wide variety of shapes using a sharp knife. It can also be cut with a guillotine or router.

Can Correx be recycled?

Correx board placards are made from polypropylene (PP) which is given the ‘Number 5’ mark for recycling. Correx board is longlasting, 100% weatherproof and 100% recyclable with a clear identity which makes it easy to process, increasing the likelihood that it will be recycled.

What are estate agent boards made from?

Correx® is actually a brand name of corrugated plastic material, also known as polypropylene fluted board. The material is most widely used for estate agent signs and quick, durable outdoor signage.

Is Correx waterproof?

Yes correx is 100% waterproof, hence it is an ideal choice for printed outdoor advertising boards and temporary signage.

How much does Correx board cost?

Correx Prices 3mm Boards

SKU Price
3A1COR R83.52–R157.20 R69.30–R131.70 3mm Correx Full Color | A1 800mmx600
3A2COR R41.76–R81.36 R34.64–R68.24 3mm Correx Full Color | A2 600mmx400
3A3COR R21.24–R44.40 R17.33–R36.53 3mm Correx Full Color | A3 400mmx300mm
3A4COR R10.56–R24.84 R8.90–R20.66 3mm Correx Full Color | A4 300mmx200mm

What size are estate agents boards?

Estate agent Boards Regulations This is normally achieved by using a 610x813mm board, however other shapes and sizes are available. The boards must also be removed within 14 days of completion of sale.